July 4, 2020

Tell me how your fingers are and I will tell you if you are healthy

The modification of the shape of the fingers, sometimes, means specific changes in the state of health. This is also called "digital clubbing" or hypocritical fingers. In people with heart or lung problems sometimes these changes are observed. Thus, according to the United Kingdom Cancer Research Center, these modifications in the fingers, shape of the nails, occur in the initial stages of the disease: first, the base of the nail (nail bed) is softened and then the skin of the nail bed becomes bright ; second, they begin to bend more than normal when viewed from the side. This is known as "Scarmouth sign"; Finally, the ends of the fingers can be enlarged, which is often referred to as "drumstick fingers."

"The test is used by medical professionals as a partial method to confirm the conditions, but you can also do it yourself, and it only takes a few seconds, ”says Emma Norton of the Bupa U.K. in statements to the Huffington Post.

Thus, a simple finger test that self can be done, could reveal the presence of an underlying disease, such as lung cancer or cardiovascular pathologies. Thus, this digital alteration is common in three out of ten people (35%) with non-small cell lung cancer, but only about four in 100 with small cell lung tumor.

The so-called proof of schamroth window It helps identify a rare type of deformity in the fingers and nails, known as "digital tapping" or "finger pounding," which people with some heart or lung problems exhibit.

To perform the test, put your hands in front of your eyes and place your index fingers along with your nails touching face to face. Normally, you should see a (small) diamond-shaped space between the two angles of the nail bed.

However, if this space cannot be observed because your nails are completely stuck, it may be a sign of an underlying condition. In this case, Emma Norton of the Bupa UK health care company recommends visiting a doctor for a more detailed examination and ruling out major problems.

Scientists find the explanation for this fact as the result of the accumulation of fluid in the soft tissue at the ends of the fingers, caused by unusually large amounts of blood flowing into the prone area. However, the mechanisms that trigger the situation are still unknown.

It is important to underline that these alterations are not a definitive sign of cancer. It can be caused by various lung diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiectasis or asbestosis, as well as certain heart defects, liver disease or Crohn's disease, as collected.

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