Tell me about you: Atrophic comedy of a stroke | Culture

Let's start with the great virtue of Tell me about you, that is unique, though useless: his courage. In his third film as a director, the Frenchman Hervé Mimran dares to do comedy with a stroke. Physical comedy, with the initial signs, with the symptoms of the subsequent stroke, with the numbness and the problems of movement and vision of a despicable and successful businessman, of a fabulous speaker. And verbal comedy, after the stroke: with the recovery process after the alterations in the language, with aphasia and internal and external frustration. You have to be very bold, but the cinema is for the daring. The problem is that it does not have any grace.


Address: Hervé Mimran.

Interpreters: Fabrice Luchini, Leïla Bekhti, Rebecca Marder, Igor Gotesman.

Gender: comedy. France, 2018

Duration: 100 minutes

Being bold has little to do with talent. And Mimran does not show it in his comical exposition, in kindness to hammerhead, in the development of a story without any internal logic, such as the language disorder of his creature. How will that man in that state give a speech at a business convention? How is it that your bosses and your doctor leave you? How is it going well? Why, despite getting it right, do they throw it out? What does the Camino de Santiago do to save Bambi from drowning, so that the spectators laugh or blush?

Each of the events of Tell me about you They make less sense than the previous one. And the parallel plots look like another movie. What does the search for the natural mother have to do with the orthophonist who helps the patient with the main theme of the story? And his story of flirting and love with the nurse? Simply nothing, except to agglutinate a sweet tone, helped by a collection of songs with similar identity that the plot of the film: none. So just some stray look of its protagonist, the always excellent Fabrice Luchini, lost, helplessness within the external vanity of his character, shows what could have been the film without so much good sham roll. And even that has not taken advantage of Mimran.


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