July 12, 2020

Telework as a solution

Spain is at the bottom of Europe when it comes to telecommuting, only about 5 percent of Spanish workers do part of their workday in this way

Telework is one of those mandatory measures that are being promoted in many companies and organizations to, apart from promoting the balance between telework and personal life, ensure our health in the face of the worrying pandemic that we have experienced. A total of 4,405,320 people have this option in Spain, which represents only 22.3% of the total employed population, which in 2019 amounted to 19,779,300 people, although the percentage varies significantly according to the different occupations. Thus, of the total of professionals who have this benefit, 49.8% correspond to technicians and scientists and intellectuals (2,194,300), followed at a distance by accountants, administrators and other office employees, who account for 20% of the total of professionals who can choose this type of work (890,930). By Autonomous Community, the Autonomous Community with the highest number of workers with an option to telework and above the national average is the Community of Madrid, with 28% of all workers in all of Spain, followed by Catalonia (25.1% ), Basque Country (24.5%), Navarra (23%) and Asturias (22.4%). About 7.5% of the employed in our country work from home, either occasionally or more than half of the days they worked, according to data provided by the INE. This figure contrasts with that of 2006, when 5.2% of workers carried out this type of practice. And it seems that this is proportionally associated with the number of years we have, since, by age, the group that telework the most is the employed group between 45 and 54 years old, with 8.5% of the workers in this group. The least, youth from 16 to 24 years old with 1.8% of the employed. Without a doubt, one of the lessons that we will take from the health crisis derived from the arrival of the coronavirus in Spain will be the promotion of telework in many sectors. Until now, when you said you worked from home, it was a somewhat exotic concept, a practice from other countries. Now, it is quite normal.

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