August 3, 2021

Televisión Canaria premieres the successful format ‘Wonderful People’

Canary TV opens tomorrow Friday, from 10 pm, the ‘Wonderful People’ public service program, a format of success contrasted in other regional channels, which recognizes the solidarity actions and the response of the Canaries to situations of discrimination that they witness, such as homophobia, racism or bullying, among other injustices. The first hidden camera of the premiere, shot on El Hierro, will show the reaction of different people to a proposal of false therapy to cure cancer and we will also be able to see a hidden camera that will recreate an episode of racism. Dressed up with real testimonies on set, surprises and music, tomorrow Friday will feature a musical performance by Benito Cabrera and Besay Pérez. In addition to having as a guest the popular presenter of the network, Elvis Sanfiel, and, as godmother, the presenter of the program on Canal Sur de Andalucía, the prestigious communicator Toñi Moreno.

Precisely in the Andalusian Community, the success of ‘Wonderful People’ It was not only on television, but it also achieved great notoriety and following on social networks. Through the YouTube channel, for example, the hidden cameras were seen all over the planet and have registered more than a million subscribers and the videos exceed 300 million views from all over Latin America. For this reason, the Canarian version aspires to have the same broadcast on networks and, of course, the same reception from the viewers of Televisión Canaria. They will also be able to follow the hidden cameras of the program or enter exclusive content on the YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ‘Gente Maravillosa Canarias’.

The sole administrator of RTVC, Francisco Morenor, he invited “all Canaries to follow this event because I’m sure it will entertain them, but it will also reinforce the values ​​that make us better as a society.” Well, in the opinion of the director of the entity “this program has everything and is one of the proposals that mobilizes a large part of the audiovisual industry” since it has a large team of professionals behind it and, therefore, “Televisión Canaria also fulfills this with its mission of sustaining the sector, “concluded Moreno.

For its part, Toñi Moreno, host of the Andalusian version of the program and who will act as godmother of ‘Wonderful People’ in its premiere in the Islands, defended that “as public television we have the obligation to restore faith in the human being and to transmit values; and the people Canary is a town with many values ​​”. In addition, Moreno stressed that “it is the most beautiful program I have done in my career and it has a contagious effect that encourages people to do good.” Toñi Moreno has already explained all the secrets of this format to Eloísa González, the charismatic presenter in charge of conducting the program on Televisión Canaria, who confessed that “I really want to start and show that Canaries are wonderful people, with reasons to feel like proud as a people and with much to teach the world. ”

“The format has evolved in the Canary Islands with new and good ideas. We have a spectacular set, the hidden cameras are amazing and it surpasses what we have done in Canal Sur, so I am very happy with the production that Suelta El Mando Factoría Audiovisual has made “, explained Alberto del Pozo, creator of the format. While Santi Gutiérrez, executive producer in the Canary Islands of ‘Gente Maravillosa’, pointed out that “it is the public television program in capital letters, a good example that social and informative content can be made from entertainment”. Along these lines, Gutiérrez assured that “it is the moment to give the maximum performance to the public televisions”.

News of the format in the Canary Islands

This new space, which has located hidden cameras throughout the Archipelago to capture the reactions of island citizens, promises a special night of emotions and surprises tomorrow Friday. Addressing from the premiere with the first two stories various current affairs in the Islands. On the one hand, the first case, coinciding with the celebration of the International Day against Breast Cancer, last Monday, shows the story of Hermi, a victim of this disease, who must face a false doctor who tries to take advantage of the emotional weakness of sick and offers you a miraculous natural treatment that cures cancer. While the second story is a complaint against racism through the testimony of Djiby Diao, who at the age of fifteen arrived in the Canary Islands aboard a boat.

Among the novelties that Suelta El Mando incorporates into the program, it should be noted that, instead of actors, in the Islands it is the victims themselves who, in collaboration with different NGOs, recreate the real episodes of discrimination they have had to face in some moment and that they want them not to happen again. Therefore, this space also represents the recognition of the ability to overcome many canaries who have suffered unfair situations on their own skin and who have had the courage to relive them for the cameras of ‘Wonderful People’.

And, of course, a recognition to those anonymous heroes who do not remain impassive in the face of unjustified attacks on other people or who have suffered humiliation for reasons of race, gender, sexual condition or disability. When any of them face or defend the person who is being discriminated against, the program’s team will appear on the scene to explain that they have experienced a hidden camera and that it is ‘Wonderful People’.


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