January 28, 2021

Televisión Canaria closes 2020 beating records

Canary TV repeats one more year being leader in the night with the most television consumption of the year (and this year with much more) surpassing the rest of the national and regional channels with its special programming.

The last night of 2020, Televisión Canaria is the channel preferred by Canaries to spend New Year’s Eve, managing to lead with its broadcasts from 8:30 p.m. to late in the morning (27.9% and 190,000: range from 8:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. hours).

51.4% of people who were watching television to say goodbye to 2020 did so with Televisión Canaria. 19.1% (174,000) did so with Tele5 and 10.7% (98,000) did so with La1 de TVE, which also offered the Campanadas de Canarias.

The New Year’s Eve Chimes they were followed by an average of 467,000 viewers, THE MOST VIEWED in the network’s history.

He golden minute of the night was recorded at 11:59 p.m. with an average of 497,000 viewers and a 54.1% share. Meanwhile, T5 registered 19.6% (180,000), La1 11.7% (107,000 viewers), A3 1.2% (11,000), Cuatro 4.7% (44,000) and La Sexta another 1.1 % (10,000) screen share.

Starting the night, the Special New Year’s Eve Gala “8 Lighthouses in the Atlantic” that connected with the 8 Islands, scored a 16.5% share and 97,000 viewers on average. In its second part, after Manolo Vieira and before the Chimes, it achieved 41.8% and 333,000 viewers. And already, after the Chimes, it managed to maintain an average screen share of 26.4% and 186,000 viewers. In total an average of 700,000 canaries followed at some point during the night is Special. (accumulated audience)

The special of Manolo Vieira 2020 Is there someone behind here? For yet another year, it is the leader in its time slot, registering 32.3% and an average of 222,000 followers. His best follow-up of the last six years.

457,000 Canarians followed the already usual New Year’s Eve appointment with Manolo Vieira at some point.

791,000 canaries followed Televisión Canaria at some point on the last night of 2020.

With all this, Canary Television closed the day being the most watched channel in the Canary Islands on the last day of the year with an average share of 16%, lagging behind it, with a wide difference, Tele5 (14.3%), A3 (10.6%), La1 (9.6%), La Sexta (4.1%) and Four 4%)

Once again, Televisión Canaria was the channel preferred by the Canaries to say goodbye to the year and thus adds a new audience success to its history.


Tonight we also highlight the message of the President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, which was the leader during its broadcast slot. It registered 16.2% and 97,000 viewers. 117,000 canaries followed some moment of his intervention on the last night of the year.

The Informative Services they also closed and started the year with very good grades. The special Summary of 2020 got 12.8% and 73,000 viewers, and the last Telenoticias of the year, TN2, achieved 13.7% and 85,000 viewers.

Telenoticias 1 says goodbye to 2020 and welcomes 2021 as the leading desktop newscast in the Islands on December 31 (16.5% and 81,000) and on January 1 (19.9% ​​and 96,000). In addition to this, the January 1 broadcast was the leader of the day.

Already, in 2021, on its first night, the Kike Pérez Special “Pólvora” leaves us a very good start to the year, scoring an 8.2% audience share and an average of 60,000 viewers. 183,000 canaries followed the comedian’s special at some point.


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