Television: A gran canaria, among the participants of La Isla de las Tentaciones 2 - La Provincia

Just like last year, The island of temptations 2 It has seen its list of contestants leaked, and as it is possible to see with the naked eye, faces known to the audience are combined, as is the case of the Gran Canaria Marta Peñate of Big Brother 16, with others totally anonymous who can create a game by not knowing 'which foot they limp with'. In summary: four couples are the ones we have already been able to discover thanks to this unofficial announcement, which we present below:

She was noted within Big Brother 16, and may be topical for her enmity with Sofia Suescun. She and Lester have been dating for years, although almost always on and off: can they overcome the difficult test ahead of them in The Isle of Temptations 2?


Known by Women and Men fans and vice versaThey have been together since November, more than enough time to establish their relationship and start the future with a smile on their faces. Will either fall into temptation?


With almost 1 million followers on Instagram, Arantxa is known for Gandia Shore, and became one of the best known faces of the edition, almost at the level of Ylenia or Labrador. Since then, she has remained somewhat removed from television, although she was part of Super shore and Survivors 2019.


Again come from the Women and men factory and vice versa, and they have been together since 2017. They remind us of Fiama and Álex, and we all know how this story ended.


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