Telepizza teams up with Glovo to offer its products on this platform, but with its own distributors




Telepizza, one of the main organized restoration chains in Spain, has partnered with Glovo to offer its products through this platform, although with the exception that the delivery will continue to be made by their own distributors.

An alliance confirmed by sources from the pizza chain, who have justified this movement by their interest in approaching the growing number of consumers Who asks for food through these operators. Telepizza has about 700 stores in Spain and a fleet of 7,000 dealers, according to their data.

Unlike operators specialized in home delivery such as Glovo, Deliveroo or Ubereats, The pizza chain currently includes distributors in its workforce.

The platforms, meanwhile, choose to offer the delivery service with freelancers, a matter surrounded by controversy after the Labor Inspectorate and different judicial sentences have warned that it is an illegality and consider that these companies actually resort to the figure of the so-called "false self-employed".

Telepizza is also available in the Just Eat app, although in the case of this platform most of the collaborating restaurants have their own fleet of distributors. Home delivery is an important business line for the pizza chain, which opened its first few years ago «Ghost kitchens» -closed stores to the public- in Madrid with the objective of reinforcing its commitment to this formula.


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