Telepizza and Rodilla refused to include Bananas from the Canary Islands in the Ayuso - La Provincia school menus

The companies that supply school menus to the 11,500 children from Madrid benefiting from the Isabel Díaz Ayuso government dining grant rejected a donation from the appellation of origin Canarian banana. Telepizza and Rodilla rejected that minors could eat Canarian bananas three days a week because they had to go to look for the merchandise themselves at Mercamadrid, according to the newspaper El País.

The offer of Canarian Banana arrived in the Community of Madrid on March 18, two days after the Madrid president announced the agreement with Telepizza and Rodilla. The regional government transferred the offer to these two companies, which rejected it because they had to go and collect the fruit from Mercamadrid. The Ayuso government also did nothing to go and collect the bananas.

The news comes a day after the government of Pedro Sánchez, through the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, require the Community of Madrid to demonstrate if Telepizza menus are balancedas well as a healthier nutritional alternative.


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