Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Telemadrid rethinks the change of schedule of 'Madrid Directo'

Telemadrid ‘indulta’ a ‘Madrid Directo’

The decision of Telemadrid to start a new afternoon program presented by Inés Ballester and corner the mythical
Madrid Direct
in the afternoons of the weekends could turn 180 degrees in the next few hours. And is that the direction of the autonomic chain could be rethinking This decision would imply the virtual disappearance of the program produced by Quartz.

According to advanced The Televiser and has confirmed The vanguard, the chain has not yet made a formal decision about the future of Madrid Direct
although it seems more than likely that indulte to the space that takes almost three decades offering live information about the Community of Madrid to its viewers.

Inés Ballester pi

Inés Ballester pi

This decision would involve rearranging the grid of the autonomic chain that could do without the film western in the afternoon to make way for Inés Ballester's news magazine to give way, from 19.30 to Madrid Direct, which would lose half an hour of program with respect to its current schedule (since it starts at 7:00 pm).

On the possibility that the current presenter of Madrid Direct, Emilio Pineda, go to co-present the new space with Ballester, any news about it is unknown. Although sources in the chain claimed that the presenter would change the program, the new grill change could also change this option.

Main building of Telemadrid in the City of the Image

Main building of Telemadrid in the City of the Image

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