Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Telegram allows to see the profiles of nearby people – La Provincia

Messaging applicationTelegram has launched its new update in which it allows users to view people’s profilesThey are close to their location.

In the new user profiles of the updated version of Telegram you can see thefiles, photos, videos, audios, links and groups of each user. In addition, the update also features new animated emojis.

The highlight of the new Telegram is the function update‘Add people nearby’, which offers “new ways of forging new friendships,” the company explained in a statement.

Telegram announced in June the new function with which to add new contacts to the agenda that are geographically close,no need to have your phone number.

With its new update, the social network ensures that withthe ‘Add people near 2.0’ function users can meet new friendsand even “organize a last minute appointment for Valentine’s Day”.

Users should enter the Contacts section, click on ‘Nearby people’ and select ‘make me visible’ to allow other people to add them as contacts. In this way, anyone can send them messages. If users are no longer interested in other people adding to the geolocation, they can select ‘Stop showing me’.

As for the new profiles, Telegram users now havemore functionsand they will be able to see the photos, videos and links shared by their contacts.

Finally, Telegram has also includednew animated emojisin his update, all of them with hearts, due to the celebration of Valentine’s Day.


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