Telefónica's energy consumption in Brazil will be 100% renewable in November

Telefónica's energy consumption in Brazil will be 100% renewable in November

The energy consumption of Vivo, Telefonica's subsidiary in Brazil, will be 100% renewable starting in November, an initiative that has already been achieved in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, the company reported today.

The brand achieved in Brazil from next month will contribute to the group's global goal, which aims to reach 2030 with consumption that comes entirely from clean sources.

The corporate vice president of Ethics and Sustainability of Telefónica, Elena Valderrabano Vázquez, today celebrated the "milestone" achieved in Brazil and said that it is the first country in Latin America in which they achieve a 100% renewable energy consumption.

"We do not achieve all the goals globally because the advance of the energy market is different in each country," the executive said in statements to Efe.

Telefonica's operation in Brazil accounts for 28% of the energy used by the group and is considered essential for meeting the group's efficiency, renewable energy and low carbon emission goals.

The overall goal of Telefónica is to reduce by 30% the absolute CO2 emissions up to 2020 and 50% by 2030.

In the case of Brazil, the energy coming from renewable sources will allow a reduction of approximately 65% ​​of the carbon dioxide emissions of the operator in the next two years.

The objective of the plan, according to Telefónica, is to achieve greater operational, financial and environmental efficiency in the company.

Telefónica is a member of RE100, a global and collaborative initiative signed by 126 influential companies committed to 100% renewable electricity.


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