Telefonica will raise some internet and mobile rates in January | Economy

Telephone will once again apply unilateral price increases coinciding with the premiere next year, some of them up to 33%. The increases will affect the rates of the Movistar plans of only fiber and to the mobile calls of the Movistar Fusion 0 packages, as well as to the bonuses of calls and auxiliary services such as the answering machine or the call forwarding associated with the fixed line.

The biggest increase is that affecting the call set-up of the mobile lines of the Fusion 0 packages, which as of January 18, 2019 goes up 33.3%, from 30 to 40 cents. The increase of this rate will be applied to the calls of the main line of Fusion 0 as of the 200 minutes as to the second line of said modality, from the first minute. Fusion 0 is the most affordable of the Movistar Fusion packages, since it does not include unlimited calls from mobile phones as those with a higher price.

On the other hand, Movistar Fibra Óptica packages, both 100 Mbps (MB) and 600MB, are up 3 euros per month as of January 5, according to the company's information to customers. These plans only include Internet connection and calls from landlines to landlines and 550 minutes to mobiles. Plans with 100MB will cost 63.40 euros and 600MB will cost 68.40 euros per month. In both cases, they cost five euros more if they include symmetrical speed of rise and fall.

The new increase in these plans, which does not include mobile telephony, is added to the increase of 3 euros per month applied by Movistar on July 16, and an earlier increase of 2 euros on January 5, 2018. In other words, in a year, the operator has applied an increase of 8 euros per month in its Solo Fibra plans. These increases do not affect any of the Movistar Fusión packages, the most popular ones marketed by Telefónica.

The answering service has doubled its price in one year

Increases in bonds and fixed services

Likewise, the company will apply a generalized increase to the bonds and services that are associated with a fixed line. Starting next January 5, two euros go up the two services that only include calls from a landline. The Minimum Contract goes from 10 euros to 12 euros and Contract 9, from 20 to 22 euros.

On the other hand, as of January 26, the price of fixed-mobile bonds is modified, which, for a monthly fee, offer a series of minutes of calls from landlines to mobile phones. Thus, the 30-minute bonds go from 7.2 to 9 euros and those of 60 minutes, from 14.4 to 18 euros. Those of 50 minutes are reduced from 12 to 9 euros and those of 90 minutes, are reduced from 20.4 to 18 euros per month.

Also as of January 26, increases are applied to the rates of a series of auxiliary services associated with the fixed line. The most striking is to retrieve a call from the answering machine that will cost from 18.15 cents to 24.20 cents per call, regardless of the number of messages and with a maximum monthly limit of 4.84 euros. This service has doubled its price in a little over a year because at the end of 2017, it cost 12.1 cents per call. For its part, the call diversion service goes from 3 to 3.5 euros per month.

The International Planazo, which includes 500 minutes of calls per month to call any fixed destination of the 39 countries included in the plan, goes from 12 to 14.4 euros per month.

The Basic Services pack (answering machine, call waiting, immediate deviation, call identification and network maintenance) goes from 3 to 3.5 euros per month. On the other hand, the Telephone, Maintenance and Services pack that includes, in addition to the above, a cordless telephone and its replacement in case of breakdown goes from 5 to 5.5 euros per month.

Finally, the Fixed to Mobile Call Restriction service, which offers to restrict outgoing calls from the fixed line to mobile numbers independently of the destination operator, goes up 50 cents to 3 euros.


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