Telefónica will launch Netflix with Movistar + next week | Companies

Telefónica will launch Netflix with Movistar + next week | Companies

Telefónica is already one of the most anticipated commercial launches: the arrival of Netflix to its television offering in Spain. Thus, the operator plans to launch the service of the popular US content platform next week. Netflix will be integrated into Movistar +, the pay television service of the operator.

In commercial terms, the teleco intends to include Netflix in Movistar Fusión's fixed-mobile convergent offers, among other initiatives. In addition, Netflix arrives at the beginning of the Christmas campaign, one of the moments of greatest commercial activity of the year.

The launch will be accompanied by a wide publicity campaign, in which the parrots that headed the promotion of Aura, the digital assistant of the Spanish operator, could play a leading role. Along with Movistar Home, it will also be another of Telefónica's commercial claims for the Christmas campaign.


Telefonica and Netflix, competitors for a long time, closed a global alliance last May. Under the agreements, the teleco would integrate the contents of the US company into its video and television platforms in Europe and Latin America. Thus, Netflix is ​​already available to Telefónica customers in countries such as Brazil and the United Kingdom (in this market it has been included in different commercial promotions for users).

The North American group landed in Spain in 2015, with a broad agreement with Vodafone. Subsequently, Netflix closed an agreement with Orange.

Now, it is going to take a relevant step in its positioning in Spain, given that Telefónica has the largest paid television platform. The teleco closed September with more than four million pay television customers, after winning 101,000 new accesses in the third quarter, the biggest advance since 2015, largely due to the new football war.

In any case, Netflix has already achieved widespread notoriety. According to the last House Panel of the CNMC, with data from the second quarter, Netflix is ​​seen in about two million homes in Spain.


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