Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Telefónica, the first operator to eliminate the permanence clause

Telefonica it's the first operator that has removed the permanence clause of its entire offer, as well as its brands (Movistar, O2 and Tuenti), the company said Friday. The elimination of permanence occurs after the withdrawal of this commitment in Movistar Fusion, the only one of its products that still included this condition when hiring the fixed line, mobile, internet and television package.

The operator has detailed to Efe that the aforementioned service included a commitment of permanence of three months, requiring the installation of the fiber cable. Since this month is “the sole operator that does not require its customers from any of its brands commitment to remain in the company without wishing to, ”said the company.

In a statement, the president of Telefónica, Emilio Gayo, said that customers must "be free to choose" and that his company does not want to develop initiatives that involve "retaining customers" when they seek other options.

Movistar Fusión canceled the commitment of permanence of three months when the fiber cable was installed

In the case of other operators, Vodafone Maintains the commitment of permanence in their convergent rates and in their “unlimited” rates, that is, those that are associated with a promotion or a terminal. In these “basic” offers they allow customers to unsubscribe without restrictions, just as It happens when you hire television with the company. In the case of fixed lines, permanence is required whenever the installation of the service is necessary.

By Orange, the permanence is contemplated in the convergent tariffs (when contracting several services at the same time) or when the mobile service is associated to a terminal. A single mobile line allows the customer to unsubscribe without restriction.

MoreMobile It does include a 12 month stay in all the rates that require the installation of fiber, either accompanied by a fixed or mobile line.

None of the mobile lines of the MásMóvil group, which includes Pepephone Y Yoigo, demands to remain a certain time under the services of the company.

However, Yoigo does introduce this commitment by hiring the fiber and fixed line service. Pepephone, which also belongs to the group, was born as a brand that excluded the condition of permanence in its entire offer.

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