Telefónica opens the deadline for its employees to sign up for the new four-day shift

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Updated:06/08/2022 14:22h
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The 'Social Pact for Employment', signed at the end of last year by the management of Telefónica Spain with the UGT unions and Workers' Commissions and which included a powerful 'Incentivized Exit Plan' (PSI) for 2,983 employees, progresses in its application and this week the teleco will open the period to sign up for the four-day session or 'Flexible Bonus Weekly Session' (JFB) after the good result of the pilot in which 100 people have participated. The teleco thus becomes one of the pioneer companies in adopting this type of measure.

Specifically, as ABC has learned, the deadline to sign up will last until July 15 and, in essence, those assigned will begin to enjoy their new schedule from September 1 to December 31.

As of January 1, the aim is to establish this type of calls annually. The conditions are identical to those of the pilot: It is a weekly shift of 32 hours from Monday to Thursday, when the normal is 37.5 hours. The 5.5 hours of reduction are discounted by 20% by the company, so the employee will not see his salary reduced for these 5.5 hours, but only for 80% of them. This means, according to UGT sources consulted, a cut of just 12% of the fixed remuneration and they have warned that there is a limit of affiliation of 10% of the workforce in each unit.

In this sense, from the majority union in Telefónica, they have pointed out that they hope to "improve" the bonus that the company currently offers from next January 1 when this type of day is definitively incorporated into the uses of the company. From UGT they have recalled that the four-day shift is part of the 'Social Employment Plan' and that it includes other measures such as the regulation of teleworking and the "possible" relocation of activities to strengthen the presence in provinces of the so-called 'Spain emptied'.

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