Telefónica launches its 'intelligent command' Movistar Home for 79 euros | Economy

Telefónica launches its 'intelligent command' Movistar Home for 79 euros | Economy

Telephone will begin next November 15 the commercialization of Movistar Home, a mix between intelligent speaker and remote control to govern the different household appliances, and the first to integrate artificial intelligence from his digital assistant Aura, at a price of 79 euros.

The assistant was the great announcement of the operator in the last edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) of Barcelona, and until now it is the only materialization of the so-called fourth platform in which Telefónica has made a large investment, and with which the customer will be able to control the data handled by the companies in the future, according to the promise of the multinational Spanish.

At the moment, Movistar Home works as an intelligent remote control for television and a substitute for landlines, in addition to managing Wi-Fi and contracted services with the operator, turning lights on and off or making video calls.

With Movistar Home, the operator is fully involved in the battle for the connected home, which will have as competitors Google, Samsung, Amazon and Apple that have launched or are in the process of making their smart speakers. Specifically, Google Home has been sold since July; HomePod, the Apple speaker will arrive on October 26, and Echo, Amazon, will be in stores by the end of November, coinciding with Black Friday.

"This launch involves bringing artificial intelligence to Movistar Fusion, and our customers," said the president of Telefónica Spain, Emilio Gayo, during the presentation, which took place during a special program Late Movit of Andreu Buenafuente, of Movistar +, which has also had the presence of the tennis player Rafa Nadal, and in which he has announced alliances as companies such as El Corte Inglés, Twitter or Iberia to improve the services offered to customers. Telefónica opened the pre-reservation period of the device at the beginning of the month, and the stock of the first 5,000 units has already been used up.

Presentation of Movistar Home in the Buenafuente program.
Presentation of Movistar Home in the Buenafuente program.

The director of Innovation of Telefónica Aura, Antonio Guzmán, stressed that Movistar Home only makes sense in homes that have contracted Telefónica, since it was born as the will to be the "piece that completes the ecosystem" of services and products that the operator has implanted in the home.

The company has presented this Thursday officially Movistar Home in a special of the Late Motiv program of Andreu Buenafuente, which has also had the presence of tennis player Rafa Nadal, and in which he has announced alliances such as companies like El Corte Inglés, Twitter or Iberia to improve the services offered to customers.

Potential customers

The company has also announced that it will launch a Christmas campaign around its new device that can be purchased on all channels of the operator and with the possibility of financing it in 12 or 24 months. Telefónica estimates that there are 12 million potential customers of Movistar Home, since its television service is already present in more than four million households.

Movistar Home has an eight-inch screen and a high sensitivity camera to talk even at night and wide-angle to reach different parts of a medium-sized room. In addition, it has natural interaction with Intel Atom processor and voice technologies of that company and allows a "total control of privacy" to be able to disconnect the camera and microphone.

The data manager of Telefónica, Chema Alonso, has detailed that Movistar Home will start offering services associated with Telefónica's products at home, but has stressed that it is an open ecosystem and the company is already working with partners and companies to provide it with new features that improve the customer experience.

For example, Movistar Home will allow the user to discover in El Corte Inglés products related to the contents that are being broadcast and available in a specific dynamic catalog. Another functionality that will be incorporated at the end of the year is the possibility for the user to consult information and make other arrangements regarding Iberia flights.

Also, Movistar Home allows you to integrate conversation and television interaction on Twitter on your second screen. since it will show the user the most relevant thing that is being commented on the social network while watching a certain content. In addition, at the end of the year will offer an interactive vocal game of questions and answers that will turn the device into a platform for family games.

The director of innovation of Telefónica Aura, Antonio Guzmán, has assured that Movistar Home is not an assistant that will respond to general questions, such as Google Home or Alexa Echo, but seeks to complete the ecosystem already created by Telefónica and manage relationships that maintain residential customers with the operator, so it is not intended for people who are not from the company.

In this regard, he adds that the intention is not to provide Movistar Home with a multitude of use cases, but rather that those that customers demand most will be incorporated progressively. For example, it will replace "completely" the landline, a device that was not in use due to its basic features, which will now be expanded with Movistar Home.

The device will initially have Spanish as its native language, although in the future it may take advantage of the fact that Aura is available in other languages ​​to expand its services. The company emphasizes that it will be a self-installable device in the simplest way possible for the user, although in case it is necessary an installer can assist.


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