Telefónica implements Workplace, the internal communication system of Facebook | Economy

Telefónica implements Workplace, the internal communication system of Facebook | Economy

Telephone has reached an agreement with Facebook to implement the internal communication system Workplace developed by the social network throughout the organization of the Spanish multinational. The company presided over by José María Álvarez-Pallete has successfully tested the system in a pilot project in its subsidiary in the United Kingdom and now it will be extended to all its subsidiaries in order to internally connect the 120,000 workers around the world.

Workplace facilitates a fluid vertical communication and the exchange of knowledge, through tools such as a live video sharing system, and another of automatic and simultaneous translation. It also allows you to share important information through the news section to dissolve isolated groups in the organization, receive opinions in real time (through likes, comments and reactions) and automatically assign people to relevant groups or the entire company.

Facebook, through an entry in his blog has highlighted that, "with more than 356 million people accessing its network every year, Telefónica understands the power of connectivity. It is even consecrated in the mission of the company: to make lives more human by connecting people. "

Both Telefónica and Facebook understand that the live video tool is essential to transmit key company updates and participate in two-way conversations with employees. In fact, Telefónica already tested this system at the Global Encounter of Executives held in Madrid last December, and where he presented his strategic plan online to the entire organization through Workplace.

Auto-Translate is also helping Telefónica build a more connected community with colleagues who speak different languages ​​in the 16 countries where it is located, allowing project teams to collaborate more effectively across borders.

Nearest communication

"At Telefónica, we believe that internal communication does not have to be boring or hierarchical, but closer and more transversal. Workplace allows you a more everyday language in which communication flows better. We are committed to creating an open environment centered on people. The workplace was the perfect fit and is now part of our set of internal tools that allow our employees to do their job more efficiently. Our colleagues are already enjoying the platform and we feel more connected than ever, "said Aitor Goyenechea, global director of Internal Communications at Telefónica.

Goyenechea stressed that 93% of workers are active in the use of Workplace as well as 87% of managers

Julien Lesaicherre, Facebook's Workplace Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said that "helping to turn companies into communities is a fundamental part of what we do and we are honored to partner with a company such as Telefónica. We are proud that Workplace will play an important role in helping Telefónica to create connected, empowered and purposeful communities so that it can continue to serve its customers better. "

Telefónica has taken advantage of the integrations of Workplace that make it the only tool that people use to do the job. The team has already integrated Workplace with Office 365 with single sign-on (SSO). This makes it easier for employees to sign in to Workplace using the same SSO credentials that they use with other systems.

As deployment continues, Telefónica plans to develop new robots and automated processes to facilitate simple tasks, and help accelerate existing efforts


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