Telecinco’s double standards: it gives voice to Rocío Carrasco but praises vicarious violence

Rocío Carrasco and Olga Moreno.

Rocío Carrasco and Olga Moreno.

The intervention of David Flores in the final of ‘Survivors 2021 ‘, where Olga Moreno was the winner, has generated a huge controversy among viewers, many of whom they have crossed out this act as vicarious violence against Rocio Carrasco. Criticism against the television network has been harsh because many spectators consider that they have become accomplices of the vicarious violence exerted by Antonio David Flores against his ex-wife.

After broadcasting the documentary series in which the daughter of Rocío Jurado and buy your history of vicarious violence, now Telecinco has gone to the opposite side and he has become part of the executing arm of those who did him so much harm.

The double standard of Mediaset started at announce the signing of Olga Moreno for ‘Survivors’, a few hours before the broadcast of the docuseries was announced ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’ en ‘Save me‘, which made the first images public.

With the signed contract, if the woman of Antonio David he wanted to back out, he would have to pay a large compensation. She tried to revoke the agreement, but Telecinco knew that the double game could be very profitable for her.

In the weeks that followed, the account of Rocío Carrasco shook the consciences of viewers and television collaborators with a story accompanied by a large amount of evidence that proved their truth.

With Antonio David exiled from Mediaset and his wife in Honduras, ‘The Ana Rosa program’ signed Rocío Flores as a collaborator, At the same time, she went to some reality galas as a defender of her stepmother. The young began to impose its law on Telecinco, vetoing collaborators and even Jorge Javier Vazquez, with whom he did not want to sit again after clearly siding with his mother.

Meanwhile, Rocío Carrasco’s story continued with high audience ratings and achieved that prominent personalities such as the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, publicly show your support.

With the end of the docuseries, and during the course of it, the network received a great deal of praise for talking about sexist violence in prime time and publicizing terms such as vicarious or media violence from the hand of experts in the field of feminism. Not in vain, calls to 016 grew 61% in the month of March after the issuance of the docuseries.

But all this great social work was tarnished during the last minutes of the final of ‘Survivors 2021’, where certain acts that many have considered vicarious violence were allowed. After beating Tom, Lola and Melyssa in the televoting, Olga also beat Gianmarco, crowning herself as the winner of the edition.

Just a few seconds later, Rocío Carrasco’s son, appeared before the cameras to congratulate him before all of Spain and pronounce a series of phrases that many consider scripted. To make matters worse, the program made sure that the moment was well captured by the cameras and microphones, because a cameraman chased David Flores from his entrance to the set and Carlos Sobera put a mike in front of him to make sure that all his words were well heard.

These images, taking into account Carrasco’s story during the docuseries, could cause him great pain, as some people from his closest circle have assured. For this reason, many viewers have accused Telecinco and Bulldog TV, producer of the reality show, of promoting and being accomplices of vicarious violence.

However, the thing does not end there, because The chain already promotes the special ‘Now, Olga’, where Moreno will respond to everything that Rocío Carrasco has told in recent months, a program that will also be produced by Bulldog TV.

Considering the acts that have occurred in recent days and those that will take place soon, Many wonder where that commitment to the victims of sexist violence that Telecinco took out a few months ago has been. With these performances, the chain shows a double standard driven by economic interests. At the time, squeezed Rocío Carrasco’s drama because it was the topic that generated the most audience; now, she will give voice to her ex-husband’s wife because it is the topic that generates the most audience.


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