Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Telecinco puts date to the first official contestant of 'Survivientes 2019'

Telecinco pone fecha al primer concursante oficial de ‘Supervivientes 2019’

Survivors 2019
is getting closer and closer Telecinco He is already promoting his return to the small screen. He will do it in only two weeks, worse until then the Mediaset group will have to announce who are the brave ones that will be launched by helicopter to land in Honduras. And the First… Is falling.

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The leading group of the audiovisual group has already put date to the first official announcement about one of the shipwrecked that will live in Honduras this spring. And it will, as it could not be otherwise, in the other reality of Telecinco that leads day and day also: Big Brother. The Duet edition is to conclude and -without the link with the weekend of Save me- Survivors will take over next. What better then to be the first to announce the name of a participant?

'GH Duo' gives the kick-off

It will be this same Thursday, this day April 4 during the broadcast of the program presented by Jordi González -In place of Jorge Javier Vázquez-. To date, the social networks of the audiovisual group have been covered with premonitory messages and clues so that followers of the format can place their bets.

As can be seen in the video shown below, the images that appear are representative of the different castaways. They are linked, there is a relationship between them. In addition, the first to be known this Thursday will be a "shipwrecked knight". Who is it about?

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