Telecinco programs a special of ‘Survivors’ on Monday with Jorge Javier after withdrawing ‘Señoras del (h) AMPA’

Next Monday, May 3, Survivors: last minute‘will extend its duration beyond the access in order to cover the gap left by the chain change of ‘Señoras del (h) AMPA’ after their audience bump The last week.

In this way, the summary recorded by Lara Álvarez will be transformed, at least for the moment, into a fourth weekly live gala and which will feature Jorge Javier Vázquez as master of ceremonies. However, this program will last much shorter than the rest and It will end around 00:15 hours.

In this special, which will also feature various collaborators on set, the latest news from the survivors and Antonio Canales will be interviewed, the first definitive expelled from the edition. What’s more, Sandra Pica, Tom Brusse’s girlfriend, will have the possibility to get in touch with her partner after confessing that she felt certain doubts about their relationship.


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