November 27, 2020

Telecinco prepares a special on the controversy that arose around the Pantoja

Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja.

Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja.

The open war between Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera due to Paquirrín’s inheritance is the theme of the moment in the world of the heart and, therefore, also a succulent source of plots for Telecinco. Therefore, the chain has prepared a special in which all the details of this controversial inheritance will be analyzed in greater depth and other controversies that have arisen around the family.

Under the title ‘Singer: The Poisoned Inheritance’, Telecinco has already started the promotion of this monograph that will be released soon. “I’m tired of hearing so many lies,” Isabel Pantoja is heard saying at the start of the promotional video, that through her statements and those of her children, makes a review of the tremendous mess that has been organized around the singer since a few weeks ago downplayed depression that his “little soul” said he was suffering.

As a result of that intervention, Kiko Rivera has not stopped talking about her mother, and not exactly well. In an interview with Lecturas magazine, the DJ accused the singer of being “arrogant, arrogant and not such a good mother and grandmother”. In addition, he also explained that he wants to correct the debts with the family’s Treasury and that he wants to dispose of the part of the inheritance left by his father, the bullfighter Paquirri.


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