May 15, 2021

Tehran is on alert for possible floods

Tehran is on alert for possible floods

The Iranian capital is on alert on Tuesday to possible floods due to heavy rains, which have already devastated other provinces of the country causing dozens of deaths and significant material damage.

The deputy governor of Tehran, Gholam Hosein Aram, explained today that all the competent organisms of the province are in "complete alert" and prepared before an increase of the precipitations.

"All the routes where there is a possibility of flooding have been identified and the necessary measures have been implemented to provide assistance in those areas," the official said, quoted by the semi-official agency Isna.

Among the measures undertaken for now include the dredging of the Kan River, where rescue forces are present, and the closure of the road that crosses that area of ​​the northwest of the city.

According to the Traffic Police of Tehran, the Imam Ali Highway will remain closed in both directions (north and south) until the end of the rains, as well as the roads that connect with Lavasan and Fasham, north of the city.

The authorities have also closed the northern Darband and Darakeh areas, which are very sensitive as there are numerous restaurants along the river at the start of the mountains.

Water is accumulating on the roads and streets of the city, whose channels have increased in level, while there is a greater police presence to intervene in case of incidents, according to Efe.

Iran's first vice president, Eshaq Yahanguiri, warned last night that he had to be prepared for possible floods in Tehran due to forecasts of an increase in rainfall.

Authorities held a crisis management meeting in Tehran today led by President Hasan Rohaní to assess the situation in the flood-affected areas.

The rains have already affected 28 of the 31 provinces of the country and have caused more than a score of deaths, the evacuation of hundreds of families and material damage worth several million dollars.

Only yesterday in the southern city of Shiraz 18 people died and dozens were injured by a flood that dragged about two hundred cars.

In fact, what is feared in Tehran is that something similar to what happened in Shiraz will happen: a sudden flood that destroys everything in its path.

For its part, the Organization of Transport and Maintenance of Roads of Iran reported that several of the main roads of the country are blocked due to heavy rains, snow and the possible risk of avalanches, landslides and overflowing rivers.

Citizens have been asked to avoid unnecessary travel, despite the fact that many Iranians are out of their places of origin because the floods have coincided with the holiday of the Persian New Year.

In addition, the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has ordered the Armed Forces to participate in the rescue operations, and all competent bodies to mobilize all means at their disposal.

The first provinces affected by the floods, almost a week ago, were the northern ones of Mazandaran and Golestan, where there are still populations flooded by water.


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