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To invite Greta Thunberg It is a high risk act. The 16-year-old Swedish teenager has burst in like a cyclone from that abstract entity called civil society to bring the fight against climate change back to the forefront. His unbridled rhetoric has captivated hundreds of thousands of students and turned her into a sort of pop star. His wake leaves a high dose of reproaches to elites accustomed to complacency and accustomed to using a discourse full of good intentions but often empty and patronizing.

To the political leaders gathered at the disappointing Katowice climate summit, Thunberg called them immature for not explaining the reality of the deterioration of the planet. The economic power put the scare in the body at the Economic Forum in Davos. "I do not want you to be afraid, I want you to panic." This Thursday, in Brussels, he called from the lectern the leaders who have commanded the student revolt in Belgium to flank him. "My name is Greta Thunberg and I am a climatic activist", he began his speech with the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, listening behind him. And he said this: "Most politicians do not want to talk to us, it's okay, we do not want to talk to them either, we want them to talk to the scientists, to listen to them, because we repeat what they have been saying for decades."

The student takes 26 consecutive Fridays without stepping on the classrooms to concentrate in front of the Swedish Parliament. Call for more force against global warming. "We are doing a school strike because we have done our homework, some say we are hope, that we are going to save the world, but it is not true, we will not do it, there is no time to wait for us to grow up. " Thunberg acknowledged that the EU has taken measures to contain emissions, but believes that they are not enough to prevent the temperature of the planet from exceeding pre-industrial levels by 1.5 degrees, a threshold that the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for its acronym in English), considered dangerous.

On Tuesday, Thunberg shared on the social network Twitter, where it has almost 200,000 followers, a photo on a platform. He refuses to take airplanes because of its high polluting emissions, which is why he started the long train trip from Stockholm to Brussels with his eternal poster calling the student strike in his hands. On that day, an Australian Education official, where Thunberg's call to the climate strike has also arrived, threatened students and teachers with punishment if they went to the international mobilization scheduled for March 15 during school hours. Thunberg answered with four sentences. "In agreement. We listen to you And we do not care. Tu statement belongs to a museum. "

Greta Thunberg greets the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, on Thursday.
Greta Thunberg greets the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, on Thursday.

The young Swedish tried to refute the accusations that present them as manipulated and naive. "When many politicians talk about the school strike, they refer to anything except climate, many say we are lazy and we have to go back to school, invent conspiracies and claim that we are puppets that we do not think for ourselves. to change the subject, they do not want to talk about the weather. "

Juncker intervened right after. Because of the precedents, I was already aware that Thunberg's speech was not going to be the indulgent homily of other visits. "We have started to clean up the disaster that you have left", the young woman looked unhappy. But in political terms, even the beating may be worthwhile to figure together the fresh image of the young woman who wants to change the planet. "This movement is very good, and I recognize myself in many of the messages that are thrown on the streets, and in recent years, I have complained a lot that young people do not participate actively in politics like I did in the past," he said. The head of the community executive criticized those who doubt the mere existence of global warming. "Trump thinks that climate change is an ideological invention, and I respond that there is nothing more to observe nature, insects, to know that something is happening," he said.

Juncker's answer came shortly after Thunberg. "I think he changed the subject very quickly, it's sad," he lamented. Turned into an attraction, with the room of the European Commission where he spoke full to the brim, his time in Brussels has not started any new concrete proposal, as she has admitted. His agenda will continue from one o'clock in the afternoon in the streets of the Belgian capital, where he will head the weekly march for the weather. Asked about when they will stop student strikes, the leader of the Belgian movement, Anuna De Wever, was clear. "The question is not when will we stop, but when will the politicians start?"


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