February 25, 2021

Teddy Bautista returns to the direction of the SGAE | Culture

Eight years after being arrested at the Longoria Palace, Teddy Bautista enters the headquarters of the SGAE again, go up the famous staircase and access the plenary hall, where the board of directors meets, to decide the formation of a deontological commission to ensure the ethics of the entity. Baptist is accused of an alleged diversion of funds from 20 million euros, for which the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor asks seven years in jail. The appointment is at 11.00, the cursed time when a van of the Civil Guard stopped, in July 2011, in front of the palace of the copyright management entity to start a search that ended the former president in jail, charged with an alleged misappropriation offense.

During the last years of Bautista's government, the money of the “pending identification” or IP, according to the entity's own expression, multiplied until it was sufficient as a guarantee in the purchase of theaters and other properties for the Arteria network. The alleged irregular distribution of the collection of copyrights whose legitimate owners are not identified is accumulated in a bag, which becomes part of the funds of the company at 15 years without determining authorship. The operation ordered by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor to investigate the diversion of funds and misappropriation is pending trial at the National Court. The SGAE retired a year ago as a private accusation against Bautista.

Judge José de la Mata imposed the former president, José Luis Rodríguez Neri and six other defendants a deposit of more than 63 million euros. The magistrate imputes to the defendants the crimes of belonging to an illicit association or criminal organization, falsification in commercial documents, unfair administration and misappropriation. As can be read in the open piece, they launched “a sophisticated ploy to massively derive funds from the SGAE” to the organization commanded by Rodríguez Neri, through the arbitrary allocation of tens of millions of euros, causing “constant losses and losses” to The society of authors.

Teddy returns to the most important room of the SGAE, but in April 2018 he was awarded a prize for his career and the award was given at the headquarters he directed for 16 years, which everyone remembers as the golden age of the SGAE. There he said his "fight" will be "until the last minute to recover the truth". “Lies have a problem, that there are some people who believe them. But the truth has something else, which is uncomfortable, ”he said then. “I don't want social or judicial engineering. I want the truth, "he added in the act in which he claimed to be a musician, after" so many years of office, tie and meetings with ministers and ministers. "

Stellar Moments

The musical creator returns to the tie and the offices, to decide how to save the future battered SGAE, along with his 34 companions of the entity's dome. At 76 years old he decided to go back to the elections to preside over the house of the authors, despite his concerns with justice. The votes were not given in the elections that made Hevia president. Baptist stayed far away, almost 1,000 votes, from entering the board of directors. Then he told this newspaper: “I wanted to be part of the solution. Although I feel relief now and I'm glad I am not part of the problem. This board is again fragmented. ” That same meeting is the one he accesses this morning, after the resignation of bassist and composer Fernando Illán, which has taken the place, which is now for Baptist. There he will meet the president, Pilar Jurado, who told EL PAÍS that "Teddy has achieved stellar moments" and "has left the skin for this house."

The new wound that bleeds the credibility of SGAE is "the wheel." The collection of dawn in the televisions keeps in a total war the groups of the entity and the partners, who have approved the new statutes of the president without sufficient votes to be executed. This method of collection is determined not by the spectators who listen to the musicians, but by the time they sound on the screen. A formula in favor of television publishers, which already include background music even in the news.

The collection of December 2018 clarifies this situation: as this newspaper has learned, the College of Small Law (musical authors) received 46.2 million euros from the distribution of almost 60 million. Of those 46.2 million, the televised night strip (from two to seven in the morning) collected and distributed almost 18 million. The authors of the same school, in prime time (from 20 to 00.30) received 9.6 million. That is to say, in the same number of hours, the music emitted during maximum audience hours distributes half of the music at dawn, with only 1% of audience. That is why the musicians who sell and do tours and less appear at dawn are outraged. Who will Baptist defend?

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