July 6, 2020

Teddy Bautista resigns from the SGAE

The musician and former president of the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAe), Teddy Bautista, has resigned from the Board of Directors of the entity, as confirmed by Europa Press sources of the institution, which holds an Extraordinary Meeting.

Bautista, belonging to the Little Law School (musicians), returned last July to participate in the Board of Directors of the SGAE in substitution of the bassist Fernando Illán, of the Little Law School, who had resigned his resignation last June .

The former director of the SGAE appeared at the SGAE elections last October, although he was not finally elected, but he had finally returned to the Board of Directors after the resignation of Illán.

The musician is pending the resolution of a process in which the judge of the National Court José de la Mata investigates a total of eleven people for an alleged diversion of funds in the authors' society and the crimes of illegal association or criminal organization, false business document, unfair administration and misappropriation.

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