July 29, 2021

Technology to know if you buy meat in poor condition | Innovation

Technology to know if you buy meat in poor condition | Innovation

Where does the beef steak you prepared yesterday at noon come from? The easy answer is within reach of anyone, but let's go one step further: do you know exactly where it happened? Three out of four consumers do not trust the way that food brands offer information about their products, According to a survey by the nutritional information company Label Insight. According to the results of this report, more than a third of the respondents would be willing to change their reference brand for another one that offered information about their products that they could understand. Not to mention that these consumers are almost twice as likely to assess access to this information through digital labels.

The preference for accessibility on-line It has to do with the profile of these consumers. A study by the firm Nielsen collected that 81% of millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – wants to know more about how their food is produced, a figure that is reduced to 67% if we ask previous generations.

"We have seen scandals of companies that sold one type of fish and claimed that it was another, or companies that changed labels of thousands of kilos of expired meat in order to sell it," says Pablo Rodrigo. "Users want to know more about what they eat."

For this reason, this entrepreneur decided to found Trazable, a company that seeks to connect to the different companies that participate in the supply chain to create a digital register of foods that consumers can consult to better understand the history of each product.

Rodrigo met his partner Lucas Salinas just a year ago, in a program to attract talent from the Demium Startups business incubator. "We analyzed the market, we saw that there was a tendency towards the use of blockchain and we thought we had a good business opportunity, "recalls the Valencian entrepreneur. In June they incorporated a third partner and two months ago they entered Lanzadera, the accelerator of the founder of Mercadona.

Currently, the company is working on three pilot projects and is in talks with several companies to adhere to its directory. Grupo Dulcesol and Grupo Martinez have already shown their interest in the platform. In addition, they are developing a pioneering initiative for the traceability of fresh products in the online purchase with cold chain certification.

The company talks to the companies that participate in the supply chain and analyzes the information they have available. Seeing the different delivery notes that are registered, it draws up an intelligent contract in the chain of blocks where each actor involved in the process updates the information that corresponds to it. "The manufacturer uploads a description of the raw material and writes to whom the batch is sent. The next in the chain, he verifies that he has received it, adds what he does with it and to whom it is sent, and so on, "explains Rodrigo. "The idea is that they are creating milestones in a timeline that is undergoing modifications."

Thus, they manage to create a record of the different changes of hands that occur within the chain and they complement it with images and videos of the product that can be useful for the consumer. Your business model does not affect the pocket of buyers: companies would pay a monthly subscription to obtain this traceability and benefit from making their product more accessible

Rodrigo is aware that his initiative is not the first to address the need for traceability in the food chain and knows his competition well. Companies like Origin Trail Y Transparency One They work in this line, although most of them focus on helping the industry to simplify their processes. Traceable, however, focuses on the information reaching the end user. "We want the consumer to be able to scan the barcode of any product in the supermarket and see the information that can provide value in a language that understands," says the entrepreneur.


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