Technology is more accessible than ever for companies

The president of Microsoft in Spain, Pilar López, has defended this Thursday that today "technology is more accessible than ever" for companies, including small and medium-sized companies.

In an intervention on the challenges of technology firms in 2020 held at ESADE, he defended the ability of small businesses and freelancers to access these resources, since it is possible to buy technology based on the use that will be given, of company size and even business activity.

According to López, cloud technology or data analytics are two examples of resources that are available to both Ibex 35 members and small and medium businesses.

In that sense, he recommends "getting it right" in investments, orienting them to the strategic business.

One of the challenges facing the "vast majority" of companies is the dilemma of choosing to develop their own technology or acquire it, according to a survey of the firm among 700 global companies.

"We are increasingly seeing in the world of technology the establishment of alliances", so that many companies work with partners that allow them to buy technology and adapt it to their business, so Microsoft is focusing "fully" on the collaborations

In this regard, he added that "technology requires tight investments", so it is necessary for companies to be "aware" of their business and not invest in "scalable" technologies, capable of adapting to possible future growth.


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