January 26, 2021

Technology for people :: Iberian Press for Cepsa

Victor Fúser

Technology is changing many aspects of life, but can it also help companies to better serve the needs and interests of their employees? At Cepsa they are convinced that it is and, therefore, they are focusing their digital transformation process on people, thinking both of their customers and of all the people who are part of the energy company. “Involving and accompanying all who are part of Cepsa with continuous and assertive communication and training them in new habits and behaviors are the main objectives of the change management process”, explains Carlos Morán, Cepsa’s Director of Human Resources.

This culture of improving the employee experience comes from far: Cepsa has been a benchmark for years when it comes to measures to reconcile professional and personal life, guarantee an ethical and diverse work environment and promote professional and personal development . Innovation now serves to reinforce these aspects and at the same time achieve greater efficiency and flexibility, as well as launching more agile and effective work dynamics. “Applying technologies to optimize processes and be more efficient only makes sense if we take into account the professionals who coexist with these technologies and are, ultimately, a fundamental part of these new ways of working”adds Morán. For example, promoting co-design to promote changes and evolutions or with communication and training actions that promote technology, process and space initiatives.

Virtual assistant

Perhaps the most concrete application of this philosophy by the company is Max Planet, a pioneering project in Spain, which combines in the same digital space a knowledge base on human resources, a query management platform and a virtual assistant (Max), which applies artificial intelligence in human resources processes. “Thanks to this new digital environment, human resources managers have more time to deal with issues that require a closer, personal treatment and that provide greater added value”, says the director of HR at Cepsa.

Max Planet allows you to interact in three different ways. On the one hand, browsing through a digital library of human resources for those who want to access information directly. On the other, through the query management platform, which is also segmented by those human resources issues that apply to all employees. And, finally, asking Max, the virtual assistant, on topics as diverse as (and at the same time so common) vacations, telecommuting, daycare checks, paid leave, personal income tax, health insurance …

Artificial intelligence

Max’s functionalities allow it not only to provide the appropriate information based on the question that has been asked, but also, thanks to artificial intelligence and self-learning, it has the ability to maintain a conversation with the employee in such a way that there is a logical sequence of process before the posed queries. And, in addition, you can execute the actions agreed with the worker, from requesting a medical appointment to managing the vehicle of renting, going through the enrollment to a training course or any modification related to payroll. Since its implementation in June 2019, Max Planet has registered more than 13,300 queries, of which almost 5,000 have been direct questions to Max, with a response rate of more than 87%.

“The implementation and start-up of Max Planet is a clear example of the company’s commitment to digital transformation; essential lever to achieve our goal of being more efficient “, concludes Carlos Morán. A project that represents a good example that technology has an enormous capacity to make life easier for people.

The employee, in the center

Cepsa’s digital transformation is associated with a cultural transformation. Thus, they have turned the call employee centricity in their philosophy regarding people management, which has allowed them to initiate programs to improve the experience of each employee.

In addition to the Max assistant, they have a new Intranet with access from any mobile device, which allows reaching all employees without exception, which facilitates more agile and simple processes and a more personalized experience, in such a way that this space becomes in the only point of access to information, applications and management.

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