Technology and innovation at the service of those who need it most - The Province

Technology and innovation at the service of those who need it most - The Province

On October 17, the event was held in Madrid, where the awards for social innovation were presented among the 9 finalists. The winners have been chosen among the almost 500 projects that were presented. The 27 semifinalists have received a mentoring program to enhance the visibility of their projects, and each of the three winners 30,000 euros to develop them. Conchita Galdón, Director of Social Innovation at IE, pointed out that "the three winners are perfect examples of the society we want to help build with these awards, a society in which technology and innovation are put at the service of those who need it the most ".

The three winners competed in three different categories: health, insurance and mobility. Among the winners are two Spanish and one Mexican projects.

In the health category, the winner has been a Spanish device MJN-SERAS. One of its creators has a daughter with epilepsy for more than 13 years. That was the premise that David Blánquez, Salva Gutiérrez and Xavi Raurich needed to develop this medical device in the form of a headset capable of recording and monitoring brain activity through the auditory canal. The combination with a software consisting of artificial intelligence algorithms allows you to calculate at all times the risk of having an epileptic seizure in a matter of minutes. Salva Gutiérrez assures that the objective of the device is "to help families improve their quality of life".

Awards (i-d): Mjn Neuroserveis, in the category of Improvement of health and digital technology (e-Health); Scoobic, in the Category: Mobility and road safety and Community 4uno (Mexico), in the category: Insurance innovation.

Scoobic has been presented as the option in the category of mobility worthy of the first place. It is a new model of electric vehicle qualified as 0 smoke, 0 traffic jams and 0 noises. It can transport up to 750 kilos of weight and park, for its dimensions, in spaces reserved for motorcycles. In addition to becoming the most efficient and sustainable delivery option, each unit will be equipped with a defibrillator to deal with possible emergencies that will reach the delivery person through an app. José María Gómez, co-founder, affirms that "if it is to save a life, this prize, and Scoobic, will have been worth it".

Finally, the prize for social innovation in the insurance category has taken the 4UNO Mexican project. To put them on premise, in Mexico there are 2.4 million people engaged in domestic work paid, but 99% do not have a contract so they do not have benefits or insurance, nor do they benefit from the rights as a worker. This platform was born in order to offer financial services to these people through your employer to improve your employment relationship and your quality of life through medical insurance, accident insurance and savings plans. Its creator, Miguel Duhalt, when collecting the prize said that "more than a prize represents an investment in a very vulnerable group, the domestic workers of Mexico and Latin America ".

Although these three have obtained the prize of 30,000 euros to develop their projects, the other finalists have also presented very useful solutions to social innovation. Beaba is an educational game for children and adolescents with cancer that aims to help them face the different phases of treatment; Oliber it is a support device made with magnets and neoprene for people with atrophy or mobility limitations; Blitab, is a Tablet able to convert texts, images and graphics from a web to the braille system; Pluvi.on, is a platform based on its own network of low cost meteorological sensors; Zumpy, is an app that aims to reduce the number of cars in cities by encouraging the use of shared vehicles; and finally, Lazarillo is an application for blind people capable of adapting the environment of this group through beacon technology.

Antonio Huertas, president of Fundación MAPFRE, spoke at the event saying: "These awards have found the way to Boosting talent with commitment. The success of this call strengthens us to launch the second edition of these awards with social commitment in the coming weeks. "


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