August 3, 2020

Technological advice to survive confinement with children – La Provincia

The exceptional situation of confinement that most Spanish citizens face in these weeks because of the Covid-19 is posing significant challenges. Telecommuting is one of them, but having tokeep kids active and entertained at home-after decreeing the closing of the schools- it has become one of the most difficult to fulfill.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, stated this Thursday that he is “convinced” that he will have to ask Congress for a new fifteen-day extension of the state of alarm because for next April 26 it will still be necessary to maintain the confinement of the population . Therefore, it is importantlean on all available resources to make this exceptional situation as bearable as possible.

Thetechnology is playing a key role in this contextand it can be of great help to ensure that the little ones maintain good habits and play sports; get them to continue learning; and, above all, keep them entertained in these weeks of confinement at home. Experts are clear that in exceptional situations exceptional measures are required.

Thevideo games have become one of the most common resources. For this reason, it is important to consider that not only are they controlled through the remote control, but that there are also many games in which game management is performed with dance games or physical exercise. This has been one of Nintendo’s big bets in recent years, which have also been followed by Sony (with PlayStation) or Microsoft (with Kinect).

Expand Netflix catalog

This confinement situation is also forcing parents to lift certain technological restrictions that they used to apply under normal conditions. Experts believe it is still importantestablish schedules and routines, but inevitably the consumption of audiovisual content has soared these weeks, also among the smallest.

Streaming platforms, such asNetflix, Amazon Prime, HBO or the newcomer Disney Plus, have skyrocketed their consumption and most of them have a good number of children’s content. However, those who are making good use of them will be interested to know that when usinga VPN can access catalogs from other countries, such as the United States, which are usually more extensive than those offered in the package contracted in Spain.

YouTube Kids-the children’s version of YouTube- is also a good alternative, with videos geared towards children, content selections, parental control features and a video filter that are not appropriate for certain audiences. On this platform you can easily find educational videos that enhance the artistic expression of the little ones, such as tutorials for drawing or for playing an instrument.

On the other hand,video calls can become another valuable technology toolto entertain children and, at the same time, get them to spend time communicating with friends or family. Under the supervision of an adult, there are dozens of apps that can help connect and socialize in these weeks of isolation.


In these weeks in which online activity inevitably multiplies in all households and in which activities such as shopping through the Internet, online training or telecommuting come into play, we must also pay close attention to possible scams or information theft.

“TheMost users are not yet aware of the need for securityin your data and often jeopardize your personal information. In an increasingly connected world, everyone should take steps to protect their privacy and the security of their information, including using two-factor authentication on accounts, securing connections through a VPN, or verifying their privacy settings. accounts, “explains Harold Li, vice president of ExpressVPN.

In this sense, the cybersecurity company urges “take special care when giving personal data and avoid doing so on unsecured connections, as well as limiting online payment to certified payment methods. “” In Spain, there are secure payment networks provided by banks and, in general, there are online payment providers that guarantee such payments, “he concludes.

Technology can become one of the best allies of families in the face of such an exceptional situation as that which is being experienced worldwide due to the coronavirus. However, security becomes essential to avoid unwanted situations, especially when children are on the other side of the screen.


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