July 27, 2021

Techi confesses that she got pregnant by Omar Montes inside GH VIP

Techi confesses that she got pregnant by Omar Montes inside GH VIP

Techi visited this Saturday the plat of Sbado Deluxe to submit to the polygraph and clarify all the doubts arising from his passage through Big Brother VIP and, above all his political relationship with Omar Montes, confirming thatshe got pregnant during her stay at the house in Guadalix.

But this was not the only bomb that left the visit of the former Kiko Rivera to Telecinco program, and is that, in addition to confessing that she became pregnant with Omar in GH VIP, she recognizes how difficult the week after her leaving the house for thethousands of criticisms he has received in social networks, especially for the hurtful messages of Amor Romeira in which he goes with his physicist.

Some messages that made him especially hurt because, as he admits, he has suffered and still todaysuffers from anorexia, "This comes and goes, and people who have it, I think they will understand me a bit," he said between tears and respect for the former Big Brother contestant on such a serious topic, "I think that with that he can not play, more when she knows perfectly well and is informed by Isa, that I have been dragging this disease for a long time. "

Omar Montes, expelled from the plat

But the highlight of the night came when the photographer confirmed that he had been tested for pregnancy after leaving the house of Big Brother VIP, where, as he acknowledges, he had maintainedsex with Omar Montes without protection, which was positive

In addition, the interviewee gave Jorge Javier Vzquez a medical report of when he arrived last Tuesday at an emergency health center, which proved thathad suffered an abortion.

For his part, Omar Montes, who was also on the plat, did not give credit to Techi's words and rebuked her saying it was his invention, "I did not put any seeds"With an attitude that did not please the presenter, who was forced to expel him from the program." You are denigrating as a woman, and we can not allow it, "Jorge Javier said.


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