Tebas asks the clubs to vote "without coercion" the agreement with CVC

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas.

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas.

The league has asked this Tuesday to the professional clubs that in the Assembly of this Thursday vote on him agreement with CVC, the LaLiga Impulso project that must inject 2,700 million euros into LaLiga, with "freedom and" without compulsion "after the real Madrid FC announced to undertake legal actions against himself.

"LaLiga reiterates that it has all the favorable legal reports, confirming maximum compliance with the legal system in all dimensions of the LaLiga Impulso project, which has had the advice of Uría Menéndez by LaLiga and Latham & Watkins by CVC ", the entity wields in a statement.

In it, they criticize that the leaders of Real Madrid, with these actions, "They intend to prevent the clubs / SAD of the soccer professional pronounce themselves " on the agreement with CVC Capital Partners, through "coercive and threatening methods".

"Spanish professional football will express itself freely (including Real Madrid CF itself) next Thursday, August 12, at the Extraordinary General Assembly of LaLiga", rebla LaLiga.

A "predictable reaction"

In addition, the entity led by Javier Tebas claims, in its offensive towards the white club after its previous announcement, that the legal actions are a "foreseeable reaction" given the club's track record of "opposing head-on and demanding any strategic project" that Suppose a breakthrough and a boost for the competition and its clubs.

"Specifically, LaLiga accumulates 51 legal actions by Real Madrid, of which the majority have been won by LaLiga, "the statement details.

LaLiga Impulso, which was unanimously approved by the LaLiga Delegate Committee, involves an investment plan of 2,700 million euros that will provide LaLiga, according to it, and the clubs with resources with the aim of continuing the transformation towards a "global digital entertainment company".

"LaLiga respects, as always, all opinions and will continue, firmly, reinforcing the diversity of Spanish football and the plurality of Clubs. The reinforcement for LaLiga that this strategic operation entails will benefit Spanish football as a whole, including the Real Madrid, as one of the main representatives of football in the world, "reads the statement.

This same tuesday, Real Madrid assured that it would present "legal actions", "both civil and criminal", against the president of LaLiga and against the CVC investment fund and its head of the agreement reached by both entities, in addition to stating that it will seek to "annul" its approval in the LaLiga Assembly of the next Thursday.

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has assured that both the clubs and the institutions have been supporting the threats of the president of Real Madrid for years. Florentino Pérez, which have passed from be done "in private" to do it in "public", after the white club has announced that it will take legal action against the maximum representative of the employer's association for the agreement with the CVC investment fund.

"The threatening method that FP has been using in private for years is now being transferred to the public. Clubs and institutions have been supporting their threats for years. Since 2015 against the centralized sale, the constant challenges of agreements, the Super League ... Real Madrid deserves more, "Tebas said on the social network Twitter.

On Wednesday, LaLiga confirmed that it had reached a strategic agreement with the international investment fund CVC to inject 2,700 million euros into the competition and the clubs and with the aim of continuing the transformation towards a global digital entertainment company, all under the name 'LaLiga Impulso'.


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