Tears of the Minister of Castilla y León when talking about dead toilets

The tears of the Minister of Health of Castilla y León, Dr. Verónica Casado, remembering this Monday her fellow health workers who have died in recent weeks after getting the coronavirus, have been a kind of escape valve and an emotional summary of what he has lived in recent weeks, at the forefront of the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

It was at the end of his first intervention before the Health Commission of the Cortes of Castilla y León, to analyze the evolution of the pandemic, when he was moved to name five colleagues: Dr. Isabel Muñoz (Salamanca), the coordinator of Antonio Gutiérrez health center (Valladolid), the doctor Luis Fernando Mateos (Salamanca), the caretaker Marisol Sacristán (Segovia) and the assistant Yolanda Hernando (Burgos).

"I have to be able", Casado has slipped between tears, before the understanding and the offer to stop for a moment of some attorneys, several of them doctors like her, such as the socialist Inmaculada García, the popular Alejandro Vázquez and the attorney for Por Ávila Pedro Pascual, who have also had an emotional memory for their colleagues.

The emotion has made him stop at various points in the final part of his speech, to the point that when the first intervention before the parliamentary groups has ended, the president of the commission, María Montero, has interrupted the session to give a break to the counselor and the other attorneys, who have dedicated a round of applause to Casado.

"I do not want to end my appearance without making a special mention ...", began the counselor, stopped the cold when recalling the case of the family doctor at the health center of La Fuente de San Esteban (Salamanca) Isabel Muñoz, the first of a list of five toilets that has been worked hard to complete, as a sign of tribute.


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