Teachers require fewer students per class and 23 hours in Primary - La Provincia

The representatives of the two Provincial Boards of Non-University Teaching Staff of the Canary Islands hold a meeting today with the new General Director of Staff of the Ministry of Education, Marisol Collado, with the objectives of exchanging visions of the moment in which the teaching lives in the Islands and share their proposals on the education system and teachers. Among others, the 23 teaching hours for the body of teachers and the decrease in teacher-student ratios in the classrooms.

"In this sense," said Pedro Crespo, president of the Board of Tenerife, "among the extensive relationship of issues and issues that we did not arrive at the time we will highlight in the meeting as a priority these two measures: the need to get a schedule of 23 hours per week for the body of teachers and the descent of all the teacher / student ratios ".

Likewise, from the unions they will propose "the reduction of the bureaucratic burden that the teachers bear in the centers and an urgent agreement for the regulation of the teaching employment lists".

"We went with confidence - Crespo added - in the general director of Personnel, especially after the commitment assumed before the Canary Parliament by the President of the Government to reach 5% of GDP in education budgets by 2022 ".

"Long way"

Crespo values ​​the convening of this first meeting as "a very promising beginning of the long road that we will have to travel by mutual agreement if we really want to work for Canarian public education."

"We hope that the new general director -he continued- bet to maintain during the next four courses a sustained dialogue with the teachers' representatives in order to reach consensus and sign agreements that are beneficial for education in the Canary Islands and that involve a gradual improvement of the current working conditions of teaching staff. "

Also, the spokesman recalled that for a few weeks he had requested the Educational Administration, by express mandate of the plenary meeting in June, two meetings with the top officials of the Ministry and the General Directorate of Personnel, "with the intention of transferring approaches and demands from the very beginning of the legislature, laying the foundations of the essential institutional dialogue ".


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