March 1, 2021

Teachers of the Conservatory protest the requirements of the new lists of employment – The Province

After 11 years, the Ministry of Education and Universities Government of the Canary Islands published on June 27 a resolution that expanded the employment lists of some teaching specialties of the Professional Conservatories of Music of the Canary Islands. However, the faculty of different specialties taught at the Professional Conservatory of Music of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has just shown the council its disagreement with the scale of merits.

They have presented a document where they show how a call has been published in the image and likeness of secondary education, but it is manifestly deficient to assess the teaching aptitude in musical education. Thus, for example, professional experience does not take into account the experience giving classes in Music Schools, but the teaching experience in secondary education, which has no relation with instrumental teaching, is valued.

In addition, surprisingly, the artistic trajectory of those who aspire to be teachers of musical specialties is not taken into account, leaving out any scale of concerts or recordings. Nor are the premieres of original works valued in the aspirants to the teaching of Fundamentals of Composition.

For all this, the teachers request a correction of the call, opening a new deadline to provide new merits by those who have attended it, or otherwise canceling it to publish a new resolution where all these problems are corrected.

The purpose of all this is to improve the selection of those who aspire to teach at the Professional Conservatories of Music of the Canary Islands, given the maximum importance of the underlined aspects.

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