July 24, 2021

Teachers ask to dignify their profession on World Teacher Day

Teachers ask to dignify their profession on World Teacher Day

The teachers celebrate their World Day today by remembering the "essential contribution" that teaching brings to the individual and to society and they have demanded that their profession be dignified.

This has been pointed out by several teacher unions and NGOs to commemorate World Teachers' Day, which is celebrated under the slogan "The right to education implies the right to qualified teachers".

ANPE has considered that teachers provide society with "an essential service and their remuneration, work and social conditions can not continue to be depleted".

He has urged to regulate the teaching profession, which "has been stagnant for years" with a Law of the teaching profession and a Statute of the Public Teaching Function.

STES has pointed out that various international organizations have addressed governments claiming "more teachers and better trained" to be able to attend, in conditions of quality, to the growing needs of schooling in the world.

According to Unesco estimates, the number of children and young people without schooling on the planet is around 264 million.

STES has also demanded the immediate derogation, without further delay, ambiguities or hesitation on the part of the current Government "of the educational cuts that were launched in 2012.

For its part, UGT has explained that this day is the ideal occasion to take stock and reflect on the measures to be implemented to enhance the training of our teachers.

"The training of teachers must be qualified, both initial and permanent, and must be linked to the requirements of the teaching function," said the union, which has considered that the administrations should enhance training, promoting innovation, experimentation and educational renovation.

From the World Association of Early Childhood Educators (AMEI-Waece) has made an appeal about the urgent challenges of Early Childhood Education in Spain.

Its president, Juan Sánchez Muliterno, has asserted that today "it is one more day of vindication than of celebration" and has criticized that the Infantile Education, that is the base of the educational system, is not considered as such.

"We defend that education at early ages receives the same attention as any other level of education and training," he said.

And the NGO InteRed has remembered the right of access to education in the rural world demanding an accessible education (economic, physical and pedagogical), affordable (available), acceptable (relevant and relevant) and adaptable (distances, knowledge of local realities , respond to individual differences).

It has also called for empowering teacher training, promoting the training of educators for better quality and educational equity.


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