Tchouaméni's competition stimulates Casemiro

Casemiro holds the European Super Cup trophy won in Helsinki. / Javier Soriano (Afp)


The Brazilian pivot responds to the French midfielder's arrival at Real Madrid with a plethoric performance in the European Super Cup

Oscar Bellot

Undisputed owner of the position of defensive midfielder in the 'white house' since Zinedine Zidane made him one of his Praetorians after seeing how Atlético brought out his colors in his first derby as Real Madrid coach back in February 2016, Carlos Henrique Casemiro faces a high level competition this season for the first time with the arrival of Aurélien Tchouaméni. The French pivot, the Chamartín club's main bet in the summer market after disbursing 80 million euros plus 20 in variables to take it from Monaco, landed to squeeze the Paulista and profile himself as a successor within the regeneration process of a legendary midfield. The Brazilian's response has been immediate, with a plethoric performance in the
European Super Cup which served to endorse his determination to sell his skin dearly.

Expeditious on court, authoritarian with the ball and with the ability to sacrifice that characterizes him, Casemiro completed an impeccable match against Eintracht on the defensive side that was essential when it came to blocking the way for the German team. The ten balls he recovered and the nine duels he won sum up the deployment of the former Sao Paulo's quartermaster, who was already one of the most outstanding footballers in the Champions League final played two and a half months ago at the Stade de France .

But that waste of claw was not an obstacle for the Brazilian to get off the hook in attack, to the point of becoming one of the great threats for Oliver Glasner's squad. Alaba's assistant in the goal that put Carlo Ancelotti's team on track for victory, he was about to sign the sentence with a shoe in the second half that left the crossbar trembling and registered an 84.4% success rate in the pass. His designation as MVP was a well-deserved finishing touch to a game that consolidated the pre-eminence of the Bermuda Triangle against the medullary rock'n'roll that emerges on its side.

Madrid lays the first stone on the road to the sextet

«He has not been stung nor have I asked him about the idea that Tchouaméni came. I agree that they gave him the MVP because the game has not been so complicated because he has watched the defensive transitions. A great player has arrived, Tchouaméni, and he is going to learn a lot from Casemiro », Ancelotti applauded the '14' once the fray had subsided.

Ancelotti pampering

Although he is aware that the very busy calendar that Real Madrid will play in six competitions this year, to which must be added the atypical World Cup held in the autumn, will force him to rotate much more than last season and that the youngsters come Pushing hard, the Reggiolo coach has no intention of upsetting the roster in midfield and has therefore coddled Casemiro ever since the signing of Tchouaméni was announced. He knows that he is a heavyweight in the locker room and maintains absolute confidence in his performance, despite the fact that the previous season he scored below his level.

For months, Casemiro faced criticism. His participation in the Copa América took its toll on him in the first part of the season and the voices that demanded a replacement of guarantees for the Sao José dos Campos team, without a natural substitute since Real Madrid sold Marcos Llorente to Atlético in the summer 2019. His was the only position that the whites did not have doubled in the squad and a major injury to the Brazilian could be fatal, as he was the player in charge of providing balance to the midfield.

Despite the fact that, as has been a constant since he arrived at Real Madrid, the player from São Paulo went from less to more to end up becoming a prominent figure in the Champions League final against Liverpool, the board took advantage of the market opportunity that opened with scared of Kylian Mbappé and allocated part of the money he reserved to recruit the Bondy star in order to tie up Tchouaméni. A signing that represents the most serious challenge that Casemiro has had to deal with since he established himself as one of the three members of the holy trinity of Real Madrid midfielders.

The high outlay undertaken by Tchouaméni and the high expectations they have deposited in the 'white house' about the Frenchman predict that the Norman will have an important role in the coming months, although everything indicates that he will have to row very hard to subtract minutes from Casemiro, who accepts the challenge naturally. “His arrival has not stung me. He is a great player. He wants to continue with what he is doing and the only thing I have told him is that he give everything on the field. Everyone knows my character and my daily loyalty to this club. My work every day will remain the same and my thought of sacrifice and giving everything on the field and in training », he proclaimed after rounding off his work in the European Super Cup. A full notice.

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