Taylor Swift used facial recognition to detect stalkers in her concerts | Culture

Taylor Swift used facial recognition to detect stalkers in her concerts | Culture

The American singer Taylor Swift I use a software Facial recognition at a concert held in May in Los Angeles (USA) to detect stalkers among his audience, local media reported today. In statements to the specialized magazine Rolling Stone, a security director with knowledge about the Mike Downing concert, explained that Swift's team set up a tent in which fans of the singer could see clips of their rehearsals while their faces were detected by a computer program.

The images of their faces, according to Downing, were sent to a "command center" installed in Nashville (Tennessee, USA) to be compared with hundreds of known stalkers of Swift. "Everyone who passed by stopped and looked at him, and the software It began to work, "said Downing, who, according to the publication, was present at the concert as a guest of the company responsible for security to see how everything worked.This surveillance, which was not notified to attendees, has raised controversy between organizations of rights.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) researcher, Sarah Vincent, pointed to the online Slate Swift and companies in general "have a responsibility to respect human rights, and must ensure that any surveillance they perform is really limited to what is strictly necessary to achieve a legitimate objective."

Local media recalled that a supposed stalker from Swift, Eric Swarbrick, received last September a restraining order from the singer, who had harassed her with letters in the last two years in which he threatened to rape and murder her. Months earlier, Mohammed Jaffar was sentenced to six months in prison and five years of probation for theft, after appearing in Swift's house in New York five times in two months, according to the press.


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