May 26, 2020

Taxing digital services is key

The Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Reyes Maroto, said Thursday that "taxing digital services is key" and said that "we must stop the gaps" that have arisen with the emergence of those New services.

That taxation "is something claimed" and has cited the case of tourist rental homes, while affirming during an informative breakfast organized by The Economist that sometimes "masks" under digitalization an activity that creates value and wealth, But he doesn't pay taxes.

Although the Google rate can be addressed in Spain, this issue has to be a debate in Europe, he explained nonetheless.

Regarding the 'brexit', Maroto has said that the Government is calmer than a week ago with the change of strategy of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who has said that there will be no hard 'brexit', which "does one week was unthinkable, "according to the minister.

Regarding the British tourism market, he said that "it is stabilizing," according to the Frontur and Egatur tourist surveys of foreigners arriving in Spain and their spending.

Maroto has explained that the British seem to have "discounted" the effect of 'brexit' and are making purchase decisions.

The Thomas Cook crisis should serve to attract a "better quality" British tourist, he said.

Regarding the decision of the Spanish Government to dismiss the judicial claims that arrive from the United States against Spanish companies by the Helms-Burton law, it has indicated that this measure is "one of the many" that the Government will take to protect the interests of the Spanish companies and added that for the Executive "protecting Spanish companies from threats is a priority".

As published on Thursday by the newspaper El País, the Government, by virtue of a European regulation that voids the resolutions of courts that make the Helms Burton law effective, will not receive notifications against Spanish companies, whether they are directed to the companies or if they go to Spanish courts or the Ministry of Justice.

The EU Blocking Statute, approved in 1996, rejects the effects of the Helms-Burton law in any Member State.

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