Taxi strike in Barcelona and Madrid: what you should know

Taxi strike in Barcelona and Madrid: what you should know

The taxi drivers of Barcelona maintain the pulse with the Catalan government regarding the regulation of rental vehicles with driver (VTC) and have continued occupying the Gran Vía de Barcelona for the third consecutive day, an indefinite strike that will extend tomorrow to Madrid.

The strike will begin at six in the morning in Madrid, then representatives of the sector will meet with the president of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Garrido, to ask him to prevent the VTC from circulating in the city if they do not have a service contracted beforehand., and at twelve there is a concentration of taxi drivers in the Puerta del Sol.

For their part, the taxi drivers of Barcelona are studying to carry out tomorrow "different actions" of protest in the Catalan capital to put pressure on the Government.

This group insists on asking the Catalan government to set a pre-contract period of "hours" for rental vehicles with driver, using platforms such as Uber or Cabify, and not only the 15 minutes provided for in the decree of the Govern.

Therefore, the taxi drivers of Barcelona plan to continue the strike until the Government specifies the offer made last night to extend this period of pre-contracting beyond 15 minutes.

From the outset, the Government will meet tomorrow with the employers of the VTC, Unauto, and will see on Tuesday with the collective of taxi drivers, after the weekly meeting of the Govern.

The Minister of Territory of the Generalitat, Damià Calvet, said yesterday that the Generalitat is willing to modify its decree law so that a period of time longer than 15 minutes is established, although he avoided going into details, adding that today and tomorrow they would study this proposal with the legal offices technically and legally before tackling it on Tuesday at the Executiu Council.

Meanwhile, the Generalitat and the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona continue to exchange reproaches on account of this controversy.

Yesterday the mayor and president of the AMB, Ada Colau, accused on Twitter to the Generalitat of "irresponsible", today Calvet has claimed that "stop hiding" behind the regional administration in this conflict.

On the other hand, the indefinite strike started in Barcelona has spread to other Catalan municipalities, mainly in the second metropolitan area, such as Mataró, Sabadell or Terrassa, and tomorrow slow marches of vehicles are expected to Barcelona.

This afternoon the central stretch of Gran Via de Barcelona, ​​between Entença Street and Tetuán Square, was still blocked by some 630 taxis, according to estimates by the Barcelona City Police.

Tomorrow Monday the Catalan capital resumes its ordinary activity, and the protest of the taxi drivers will complicate the circulation, at least, in the center of the city.

In this line, the Minister of Territory of the Generalitat has convened tomorrow the public transport operators of the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) to ensure the mobility of citizens while the indefinite strike of the taxi sector in Barcelona lasts.

It will also meet tomorrow with the socioeconomic agents of the city of Barcelona to inform them of the proposal of the Generalitat regarding the VTC and to analyze the situation caused by the taxi drivers strike.


Garrido has cited them to study the demands of the sector and propose an express reform of the Law of Regulation and Coordination of Urban Transport of the Community of Madrid "in defense of the rights" of taxi drivers.

The vice president of the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid, Jesús Fernández, commented that the regional government has not given any details on this reform proposal.

In addition, criticized that the Madrid Executive has not yet addressed this issue after the approval last year by the central government of a decree law on driver rental (VTC) that empowers the autonomous communities to regulate the activity of this sector.

"It's a matter of political will," he said.

Among other claims, the taxi drivers from Madrid want to prevent the VTC from traveling on the street when they do not have a service contracted in advance, unlike taxi drivers, since the representative of the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid has stressed that they are "differentiated services"

In Madrid, tomorrow, they will be minimum services with a number of 100 eurotaxis vehicles duly identified, for users with an extreme need, such as those who need to move to dialysis treatment, and people with reduced mobility (PMR).

Madrid taxi drivers have also shown their concern at the lack of contacts with the City of Madrid: "We are very concerned about the lack of action in Cibeles, the government of Manuela Carmena acts as if this was not with them, provoking, through its neglect and negligence, a detriment to our sector and to all the citizens of Madrid. It is important to remember that the approved call is against all public administrations involved, within which the Madrid City Council plays a very important role, what Garrido does will not be enough if Carmena does not fulfill her part. That is why I appeal to the mayor so that after so many detours, be brave and back to the interests of Uber and Cabify that have conditioned their mandate so far, away from those of us who provide a true public service to all the locals. There is still time to do the right thing and be by our side in this fight. Let's hope it does not miss this train, "wrote Miguel Ángel Leal, president of Fedetaxi and of the Taxi Association of Madrid.


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