April 15, 2021

Taxi is offered to taxi driver unemployed

Taxi is offered to taxi driver unemployed

The driving schools of taxis in Barcelona offer discounts and facilities so that drivers of rental vehicles with driver (VTC) who have lost their jobs after the departure of Uber and Cabify of the Catalan capital make the jump to the taxi, where it is calculated that there are 1,000 wage earners to cover.

The two multinationals of VTC decided to leave Barcelona after the Generalitat approved the new regulation of the sector, which requires to pre-contract this type of services with a minimum of 15 minutes in advance, a term that presumably will rise to the time in the case of the metropolitan area from Barcelona.

The spokesman of Élite Taxi, Alberto Álvarez, has explained to Efe that, when knowing the intentions of Uber and Cabify, some of the VTC drivers organized themselves and contacted the taxi drivers to help them move from one sector to another.

"In the end they are workers like us and in the taxi there is plenty of work," said Alvarez, who is in full contact with the driving schools of Barcelona to facilitate, people who prove they have lost their jobs in VTC , access to courses to obtain the driver's license.

One of the companies with which there is already a closed agreement is the Solano Autoescuela, which is the largest in Barcelona that offers courses for this type of license.

The main facility offered to them is the possibility of finance the course, which costs 445 euros, at zero cost, so that they are only asked for an initial deposit of 100 euros and are allowed to pay the rest "when they can".

Likewise, they are slight reduction, of about 50 euros, and they are guaranteed a position of employee in one of the companies in the sector when they pass the course, whose first call for applications is from April 8 to 12.

"Many of those who have lost their jobs are older people with problems finding a job, and in the taxi we all fit, regardless of age, religion or ideology, what matters is that they know the city," Álvarez said. .

With the new additions, taxi drivers trust in power cover the greater volume of work derived from the march of Uber and CabifY.

In fact, to encourage more taxis on the street, the Metropolitan Taxi Institute (Imet) has allowed weekends work 2,000 more vehicles than they do now, up to a total of 7,000.

In addition, to cover the peak demand that is expected on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress, the MWC, during the four days of the event will be allowed to work the more than 10,000 taxis that are in the metropolitan area, as well as 18 hours at 6 o'clock in the morning of the previous weekend


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