Taxi drivers offer 15 minutes pre-hire for VTC and taxi applications

Taxi drivers offer 15 minutes pre-hire for VTC and taxi applications


The taxi sector will offer tomorrow to the Community of Madrid that when it comes to hiring a VTC or a taxi using an application, such as My Taxi, you have to do it with an advance of fifteen minutes. According to what ABC has learned from sources in the taxi sector, this is the measure they will offer tomorrow to the CAM and to the city council of the capital in the meeting that will be held by the three parties at 10 o'clock in the morning. In addition, this measure would not affect the time of taking a taxi that circulates on the street, at the stops of them or emergency calls.

If we accept this proposal, the taxi strike that began on Tuesday and that extends in principle throughout the week, coinciding with the celebration of Fitur, would end. Initially, taxi drivers asked that these precontratations be made 6 hours in advance but with the passing of the hours they have lowered that time to 15 minutes.

This measure, unlike Barcelona, ​​includes the applications used to hire a taxi. In addition, in the Catalan capital the duration of the pre-contract must be at least one hour in advance

On the other hand, this afternoon, the taxi drivers who are concentrated at the doors of the Feria de Madrid will have a meeting to know which road map to take in case of continuing the protests.


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