Taxi drivers camp in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid | Economy

Taxi drivers camp in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid | Economy

The taxi drivers from Madrid have started camping this Sunday in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, where they are installing tents in what is another step in their protest by the regulation of transport vehicles with driver (VTC).

The head of Communication of the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid, José Miguel Fúnez, explained after a meeting of taxi drivers held at noon that they intend to convert the "Paseo de la Castellana", the artery that crosses Madrid, into "ground zero". north to south and through which thousands of vehicles circulate daily.

The cars of hundreds of taxi drivers remain since last night stopped in the central lanes of that walk, so that the rest of cars can only circulate on the sides and also cross, as confirmed by the Municipal Police.

On its seventh day of strike, the taxi drivers of Madrid have begun to place tents in the grass areas of the promenade, at the height of the Plaza de Colón, but the caravan with its vehicles stretches to the surroundings of the Plaza Gregorio Cashew.

After six days with its base of operations at IFEMA, headquarters of the international tourism fair (Fitur), the taxi drivers moved last night to the center of the city to block the central lanes of Paseo de la Castellana, where their cars stand.

There they plan to spend all day, sleeping in their vehicles and also eating, for which they have brought several barbecues, chairs and tables.

"War, war, war", "Not a step back" or "In Castellana we are only the taxi drivers" are some of the shouts chanted by the protesters, who are strong spirits and without any intention to back down in their protest.

However, they have called for no violence because "when you are right, reason prevails", one of the spokespersons has demanded the assembly.

The eight taxi drivers on hunger strike since Friday also intend to spend the night in Plaza de Colón, where their companions have already prepared tents for them.

The so-called "taxi war" began last year to face the proliferation of VTC licenses.

Although Barcelona taxi drivers called off their strike this week, Madrid decided on Friday to continue with the stoppages after considering "insufficient" the pre-agreement to regulate vehicles with driver leasing (VTC) signed by the Community and the City Council of the capital, that raised the limits to the pre-contracting of VTC, main stumbling block in the previous conversations, in terms of space, and not of time, as they claim.

Madrid taxi drivers have received the support of comrades from Burgos, Asturias, Valencia and Guadalajara, who in the coming hours will be joined by "an immense queue" of Andalusian taxis, José Miguel Fúnez remarked.

The Municipal Police has indicated to EFE that the side lanes will remain open throughout the day and that you can also cross the Madrid artery from the transversal lanes.


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