Taxi drivers again ask Madrid to enforce the law to the VTC

Madrid, Feb 18 (EFECOM) .- Several hundred taxi drivers have concentrated on Tuesday in Madrid, in front of the Ministry of Transportation, to demand that the Community of Madrid enforce regulations on the platforms of rental vehicles with driver (VTC)

"It is not conceivable that the platforms that base their business model on systematic infringement, infringement and fraud continue to enjoy the approval of the administration," the president of the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid has told reporters ( FPTM), Julio Sanz.

In reference to a ruling of the National Court of January 26 that endorses the 2015 regulations for the VTC, including the ratio and the "road map" that they must have for each service provided, Sanz has reiterated his request to the Ministry of Transportation to comply with the law.

"There are no legal interpretations or gaps; simply that the law is complied with," Sanz said, adding that, otherwise, taxi drivers will go to court against those who do not enforce the law "for not being trained, for incompetence , disability or other reason. "

In addition, in a press release, the convening entities of the concentration, the National Taxi Association of Madrid (ANTAXI) and the FPTM, say that the ruling "ends the uncertainty about the legality of the road map" and confirms that VTC "may not park or circulate without a previous service contracted by the user."

To the claims of the taxi drivers, the head of Transportation, Ángel Garrido, has answered before the Ministry that on Monday in a meeting with all the taxi drivers associations, the General Directorate of Transportation expressed their commitment to analyze the sentence and request a legal report to see its "scope".

"Logically, each one gives (to the sentence) the most convenient interpretation for their interests, but it is the legal services that have to give a final interpretation," said Garrido.

The Caracol Platform Association has demarcated itself from the concentration by considering - as it says in a note - that there are open work tables or that the judgment of the Hearing will be appealed perhaps in the Supreme Court (TS) and that when there is sentence it will be time to press. "

Similarly, the president of Elite Taxi Madrid, Luis García Pérez, has told Efe that his organization prefers to wait for the opinion of the TS and not "wear out" the sector, after the strike that the taxi drivers made a year ago for two weeks

On January 4, the judgment of January 26 was heard in which the National Court rejects the appeal filed by the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) and the National Autotourism Union (UNAUTO) -representative of the VTC sector- against the regulations governing these vehicles.

According to this, the current regulations are those that have been in force since 2015, which obliges the contracting of VTC services beforehand or prevents them from offering their services on public roads in search of customers.


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