October 20, 2020

Tatum and Brown avoid the elimination of the Celtics and force the sixth game

The star forward Jayson Tatum contributed a double-double of 31 points, 10 rebounds and six assists. that left him in front of the attack of the Boston Celtics, that expired this Friday for 121-108 to the Miami Heat in the fifth game of the Eastern Conference finals.

The victory allowed the Celtics to avoid elimination and stay in the series that dispute the best of seven and that now continues in favor of the Heat (3-2).

On Sunday, the Miami team will once again have the opportunity to reach the NBA Finals in the sixth game.

Along with Tatum, the escort Jaylen brown He was also inspired by the offensive game of the Celtics and had 28 points, eight rebounds, two assists and recovered a ball.

While four other Celtics players also ended up with double-digit numbers, including the German center. Daniel Theis, which was decisive in the actions within the paint by contributing a double-double of 15 points, 13 rebounds and three blocks, which were decisive.

The base Kemba Walker reached 15 points and distributed seven assists, while the forward reserves Gordon hayward scored 10 points, and the Swiss Turkish center Enes Kanter he scored eight touchdowns in his 10 minutes on the court, most in the second half when the Celtics took control of the game.

Despite the Celtics came down to 12 points on the scoreboard and they went to rest with a partial disadvantage of 51-58, from the third period they were unstoppable and overwhelming by beating the Heat.

The Slovenian base Goran dragic scored 23 points as the Heat leader, while the shooting guard Duncan robinson reached 20 points.

The eaves Jimmy Butler scored 17, rookie guard, reserve Tyler Herro, and forward Jae crowder they had 14 points each, but none of them could get the decisive points in the second half.

The pivot Bam Adebayo, which reached 13 points, the could not overcome the individual duel with pivot Theis in the inside game, leaving the Heat without weapons to face the Celtics in the second half.

The Miami team scored just 7 of 36 3-point attempts, and now they are 25 percent in their last 13 quarter-games, having reached 38% in the playoffs before missing their shots.

Brown hit two 3-pointers in a row in the fourth quarter to convert an eight-point lead into a 103-89 margin with 8:05 minutes to go.

The Celtics’ starting guard blew a kiss to the Miami team bench after the second, reminiscent of something Herro starred in during his 37-point display in Game 4.

The first few minutes did not go as planned for Boston, which missed 11 of its first 12 shots., had four turnovers in that stretch to make matters worse and slipped into a partial 5-17 deficit very early.

The Heat scored the first basket of the third quarter, but the next few minutes were all for the Celtics, who managed 13-0 streak in a stretch of just 3:06 minutes to turn a nine-point deficit into a 64-60 lead, and the game changed that fast.

The Boston team continued on another 7-0 streak, Walker hitting a 3-pointer with 4:26 minutes remaining for a 77-67 lead, the first with more than 10 points, which they later extended to 14. But by reaching the fourth period, the advantage was nine for the Celtics (92-83).

“With all sincerity, the first time I see Celtics basketball in the last games“said Brad Stevens, coach of the Boston team.” We did very well on the field. ”

This was the 18th postseason game in Celtics history in which they scored at least 41 points in a quarter, and probably not surprising, they are 18-0 in those games.

While the only other time Miami allowed 41 points in a postseason quarter was on June 10, 2014, when the Heat had a 25-41 adverse run in Game 3 of the NBA Finals against Spurs from San Antonio, which they later lost.


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