October 22, 2020

Tarragona approves withdrawing the city’s medal from Juan Carlos I with the only vote against the PP

The plenary session of the Tarragona City Council has approved this Tuesday by a large majority to withdraw the medal of the city awarded in 1996 to the then King Juan Carlos I. The measure proposed by the government of ERC and En Comú Podem has received the endorsement of the PSC, Junts per Tarragona and the CUP, while the municipal group of Citizens has abstained and the PP has opposed.

The plenary session of Barcelona approves withdrawing the Gold Medal from Juan Carlos I and rejects the role of the Government in his flight

The plenary session of Barcelona approves withdrawing the Gold Medal from Juan Carlos I and rejects the role of the Government in his flight

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The agreement indicates that the reasons that led the plenary to grant this recognition have disappeared as a result of the escape and the various scandals of alleged corruption that affect the king emeritus. The mayor, Pau Ricomà, stressed that the plenary session has made “an act of dignity” and has congratulated himself that “the decency and dignity of the city have been above the political opinions of each one”.

In May 1996, the plenary session stated that “Juan Carlos I, from the beginning of his mandate, signaled the overcoming of the antagonisms of the first third of the century, he wanted to be the king of all Spaniards and present the monarchy as an institution at the service The king symbolizes the State but is not only representative, but dynamic and operational, being a basic institution of it. ”

Now, the government’s proposal endorsed by the plenary justifies that they have transcended acts of the emeritus king “that can only be considered alleged corruption”, that “far beyond his private life, affect the life of public institutions, credibility and security. trust that you have to have them in him “, with which the reasons that gave rise to the award of the medal have disappeared.

Only the PP is opposed

The municipal group of the PP has been the only one that has opposed the processing of the withdrawal file in the telematic plenary on Tuesday. Councilor Elisa Védrines has criticized the government’s concern with “intangible” issues and that it does not act with such urgency, she said, when it comes to the material management of the city. “We suspect that while we are talking about the king emeritus we are not talking about the true challenges of the city,” he said. The PP has defended the monarchy and praised the figure of Juan Carlos I. “His reign has been the most fruitful stage that Spain has known; it was the driving force behind change,” Védrines insisted.

On the part of the CUP, Councilor Laia Estrada applauded the government’s decision but admitted that they feel uncomfortable with a “decaffeinated” motivation. According to the anti-capitalists, it is not only that the reasons for the concession have now disappeared, but that in their view it should never have been granted. Taking advantage of “the vast Republican majority” in the plenary, Estrada has called on the government to dare to take the photograph of the current king, Felipe VI, “and if they do not dare to disobey,” to turn it upside down.

Citizens’ spokesman, Rubén Viñuales, has justified that they abstain because the scandals that affect the emeritus king “do not look good and nobody can like them”, although they are “fully aware of what the parliamentary monarchy in Spain has meant.” In this sense, he has asked that the actions of a person not be confused with the institution. He has also criticized the “double yardstick” of those who treat Juan Carlos I as a fugitive “when there is no firm order yet” and consider that “other people we all know are martyrs and not fled from justice.”

From ERC, the spokesman Xavier Puig has defended that they have not promoted the withdrawal of the medal for republicanism, but for decency. Thus, he has defended that they have “all the authority” to ensure the image of the city and has defended that the prestige of the city’s medal “does not have to endure reprehensible attitudes.”

From En Comú Podem, government partners of the Republicans, councilor Hermán Pinedo has expressed that the city had to be disassociated “from a true corrupt” and has urged the PP to condemn all corruption and demand an investigation into the figure of the king emeritus . In addition, the commons has asked to put an end to the inviolability of the monarch and withdraw the title of emeritus from Juan Carlos I. “The government makes a brave decision, to withdraw a medal that neither deserves nor deserved”,

The spokesperson for Junts per Tarragona, Dídac Nadal, has stated that the actions of Juan Carlos I are not ethical or moral, and that he does not find it logical that someone could defend that he is worthy of the medal. “We started to end all this and debate whether or not we democratically want a monarchy imposed in a constitution that was already tied hand and foot,” he stressed.

On the part of the PSC, Councilor Sandra Ramos has clarified that they do not question the figure of the parliamentary monarchy or Spain. In addition, she explained that they have supported the withdrawal of the medal not only because they believe that the reasons why she received it have disappeared, but also because this distinction has basically been awarded to important institutions in the city. Ramos has also asked to reflect on the fact that, of the nineteen people who have received it, only one is a woman.


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