July 29, 2021

Tardá says that "never, never, never" republicanism will ask for pardon

Tardá says that "never, never, never" republicanism will ask for pardon

The spokesman of ERC in the Congress, Joan Tardá, has said today that "never, never, never" is going away to request the pardon on the part of the republicanism.

In statements to Onda Cero, has specified that the pardon to the Catalan politicians in prison "has not been in talks with the PSOE" and that this party "has decided not to attend to our claims", since they asked them to urge the Prosecutor's Office " to act, which is possible to do ".

"We have made it clear – he has continued – to the Spanish government that we are not going to vote on budgets, we have asked him to make a category movement but they considered not doing so" and ERC will do what they told their electorate: "not to participate in any conversation or meeting".

"We told them not to take the trouble to invite us, that's the way things are," Tardá asserted.

Regarding the stability of the Executive, has opined that, in recent months "have settled and believe that they are a Government" and has "the impression that they intend to consolidate," although they are "only spectators of much of what happens in Madrid".

And he insisted that the ERC voted in favor of the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy "without hesitation for a second and without asking anything in return, they do not believe it, but that is the case".


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