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The Tamaraceite continues to run as a candidate to revalidate the title of champion of the Canary group of the Third Division. The blue and white set he beat a Buzanada 2-0 which continues to complicate its continuity in the category. The Gran Canaria team chained their seventh consecutive week, scoring when they beat the Tenerife squad with goals from David Garcia and Alberto, both during the course of the second period.

The local team took command of the game since the initial whistle, but without creating clear opportunities due to the good positioning in its defensive plot of the rival, who had the intention of looking for some backlash with which to approach the domains of the Álvaro Robles goal.

The first arrival of the Tamaraceite came at 20 minutes, with a center of López Silva that Alejandro topped head, crashing the ball on the top of the crossbar. Shortly after, the best occasion of the Chus Trujillo team came with another center of López Silva that nodded wide Asdrúbal Padrónbut the doorman Edwing stopped the stub.

At the edge of the break, Buzanada was able to score in a counterattack by Marco Siverio; This, after reaching the side and entering the area, put a poisoned center that his partner Kevin Castro, on goal, finished off the crossbar in a somewhat forced position.

With 0-0 the match reached the intermediate. In the resumption, the script of the match did not change. The Tamaraceite had possession of the ball and the aroneros waiting well placed behind and going out to the counterattack.

In the 55th minute, the box of Chus Trujillo opened the scoring with a play in which, after a recovery of the ball in the front, David García combined with David González to later beat Edwing goal with a low shot from within the area.

Buzanada's attempt to react brought new opportunities for the grancanarians. Thus, shortly after and after an Asdrúbal center, David González had the second with a strong shot in the area that he hurried out for the rival goalkeeper.

In the final stretch, a shot by David González was leaving for the stick and another later of Romario finished in corner; after the launch of this, the central Alberto sentenced with an accurate header on the first stick.

Data sheet

Tamaraceite, 2: Álvaro Robles, Alejandro, Jordan, Alberto, David García, Juan Andrés, López Silva, Samuel Casais, Asdrúbal (Eros, 63 '), David González (Pitu, 82') and Héctor Choco (Romario, 57 ').

Buzanada, 0: Edwing, Kevin Castro, Edgar, Brayan, Meñe, Favarel, Johnny (Josberth, 83 '), Brad, Marco Siverio, Adam (Facu, 76') and Pirri (Lionel, 63 ').

Goals: 1-0.- (56 '): David García. 2-0.- (81 '): Alberto.

Referee: Aridane Hernández Sosa. He admonished the locals to Jordan and Samuel Casais; and the visitor to Pirri.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the 28th day, played in Juan Guedes de Tamaraceite before about 200 spectators.


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