June 18, 2021

Tamara Gorro’s harsh message to the Government

The Valencia footballer has tested positive. She has closed her store due to the crisis

Tamara Gorro wrote a harsh message to the Government, before learning that her partner, the footballer Garay, has tested positive for coronavirus:

“On the one hand, satisfaction at knowing that you are collaborating for the good of your country, and sadness at everything that is happening and remains to happen.

Yesterday I closed my store @ somos1_oficial I did not hesitate a second to do it for the good of the workers, clients and society in general. In my other companies, I have been able to leave the workers at home working, but much less, since the volume has decreased by 98%.

“My aunt @sara_estilistas has a hairdresser which yesterday closed its doors by its own decision and for the same reasons: prevention and collaboration. Of course, thanks to God today my economy allows me to be calm. But what about my aunt?

Right now she is in a desolate house, without sleep and thinking about when she will be able to overcome the income that she and her daughters live on. Well, that’s the majority of the country. Layoffs and closings of companies. The money with which they eat every day and help their families move forward, from one day to the next disappears.

The workers do not know if they will return to their jobs, the companies do not know if they will be able to resume their activity and the uncertainty invades all those affected.

To this we add the terrible nightmare we are living without knowing where we are going to get to with the situation. Now it is a priority to end the virus, I know. But please, that the government DOES NOT FORGET everything that this is going to take ahead.

EFFECTIVE solutions and help please. For just one reason, that’s what you are for ”.

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