July 24, 2021

Talent managed at the click of a button | Innovation

Talent managed at the click of a button | Innovation

Talent management has become the touchstone for a large number of organizations. How to manage it? How to retain it? How to look for it? An endless number of ways for which there is no single answer or infallible method. Many human resources departments would love to have this magic formula, but it would be talking about science fiction. In the case of Correos, the equation has been solved with a click. Three years ago they launched the Click Program for the identification of Talent among its employees, starting with a group limited to a group of professionals with specific positions, with the aim of replicating the model throughout the organization. The main challenge was to know first-hand its employees and undertake the transformation demanded by their sector. They put the focus on people to boost the relationship that the company maintained with its employees. This initiative has led them to win one of the SEPI Foundation's innovation awards.

The mechanism is quite simple. Through virtual interviews, this group of workers was invited to share their expectations, interests and motivations with the human resources area. The call led some 1,400 employees to immerse themselves in these questionnaires. With the extracted data, rIt was easier to take the path of development in the company. "With some people this was not enough and we need to know them a bit more," explains Patricia Álvarez, responsible for the area of ​​talent management and selection of Correos. The personal curriculum of each one is an important part, although, as he recognizes, the employee is much more, so you had to bet on his development so that his role is key in the transformation of a giant like Correos.

By establishing the look inside, as Álvarez argues, they could identify those who were trained to take on greater responsibility and, at the same time, know first-hand what their development opportunities were. "The program helps us increase our competitive advantage through people and helps employees increase their contribution to the business," he says. Another virtue of the virtual interviews, in order to improve the competitiveness of the organization, lies in the fact that the analyzed data use them to take into account who to count in the face of future challenges. They are also especially useful in determining what areas of improvement these employees may have.

One of the direct consequences has been the generation of what they call a culture of self-development. "Through learning methodologies applied to their day to day, it helps the employee to improve the performance of their functions from the beginning. It is about finding the right place for its development, something that the company will benefit from as well, "he explains. With the Clic program they detect what this place is. How to place talent in an optimal place for both parties. However, the path is more complex than it may appear. It sounds good to identify the opportunities and adjust it to the needs of the business, which undoubtedly represents a great cultural challenge for this company.

Change of culture

In a company like Correos, with a life that exceeds three centuries, innovation in people matters is a priority issue

In a company like Correos, with a life that exceeds three centuries, and positioned as a leader in the sector, innovation in terms of people is a priority issue. With the irruption of this program, without having to turn the house upside down, the comfort zones of the participants were altered. "It is difficult to change certain attitudes. It's one thing to establish where you can improve and another thing that you can help yourself to improve yourself in certain aspects, "says Álvarez. To mobilize internal talent, one of the most successful actions has been what it calls cross-cutting experiences of development, where there is the opportunity to participate in collaborative projects with other departments in which workers can contribute their experience and knowledge.

Talent management represents a challenge at all levels. For top management because you should not forget that you work with people and not only with objectives; and for employees because they have to adapt to changes, something that affects them in their daily life within the company. "In the end, we have to be creative and innovative with proposals that provide added value to the worker," ditches the head of the area of ​​talent management and selection of Correos. He is aware of all the challenges involved in managing human teams, but if they detect the talent they have inside, there is an opportunity to develop it to get people, from within, to drive the path towards transformation.

With a view to the future, one of the objectives of the program is to bring it closer to the rest of the groups to identify the talent of all employees. They want to increase female participation given that they represent 30% so far. The other outstanding edge is the intergenerational coexistence. About 20% of the project participants are either less than 35 years old or more than 55. "We would like to take advantage of senior talent, for the great value they bring to the company, transmitting their good work, their knowledge and experience to the new generations ", suggests Álvarez. He mentoring It is a solution that can be launched to promote these synergies. These are the pending tasks to manage the talent, something that, in the present, they have decided to carry out with a simple click.


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